2017 Chevrolet Tahoe Premier

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It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago I started this blog as a place to share my thoughts on life. Things were not easy and we had suffered a lot the year prior. Job loss due to a bad friendship led us down a financial path of destruction. My blog was actually called “Family of 6 on $26K/Year” which, after adding our 5th child, ended up being $2,000 more than reality.

2017 Chevrolet Tahoe Premier

Chevy Pop-Up North Pole

Fast forward to today. This marks the fourth year that Colby and I have been blogging together—full-time! Our blogs are our livelihood and we put in a lot of work so that we can provide for our growing family. And most days, I absolutely love my job. I chose it. I created it. I am passionate about it. Yesterday was one of those days where I couldn’t love my job any more. Chevrolet invited us to their first ever Pop-Up North Pole Event with the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Dallas. A 2017 Chevrolet Tahoe Premier was delivered to our house so that we could travel to the event and partake of the festivities.

2017 Chevy Tahoe cargo space

But, before heading to the Boys & Girls Club, we had an opportunity to deliver over 50 toys to Children’s Medical Center Dallas. With fold-flat third-(and second) row seats, loading our Santa bags of toys into the back of the Tahoe was easy and there was room for everything. We loaded all the toys, the girls jumped in the second-row seat, and we set off for our day with plenty of room for everyone and everything to ride comfortably. After spending some time at the hospital, we once again climbed back into the Tahoe and were on our way to the Chevy Pop-Up North Pole.

Pop-Up North Pole snow slide

In addition to a variety of North Pole activities, including real snow and tubing, Santa arrived in his “Chevy Sleigh” to surprise the children with toys! With over 200 surprised children at the event, it was an incredible sight to take in. Each child was given a toy and it created an authentic and fun holiday experience for this children who deserved a bit of Christmas magic!

Chevy Pop-Up North Pole fun for kids

As we left the North Pole, the Tahoe’s heated driver’s and passenger seat were perfect for a quick warm-up as we began the ride back home. Not to mention, the USB ports and power outlets in the vehicle kept us all charged and ready to post live from each event we attended. It’s often these small features in a vehicle that can really make a huge difference—just like the small gestures we were able to do throughout the day to serve others.

It was a long day for all of us, but one we wouldn’t have changed for anything. It was an opportunity with Chevrolet three years ago that introduced us to this type of philanthropic work. That year we purchased toys to donate to a local nonprofit that provides items to families in need. Having been in the position to utilize that type of service in Christmases past, it came full circle for us that year. Therefore, we’re grateful to Chevrolet for, once again, giving us the opportunity to serve others. To be a helping hand during this holiday season. And most importantly, to continue to learn humility, gratefulness and compassion. The holiday season should be a time of giving and we appreciate Chevrolet for helping us capture that spirit.

How are you capturing the holiday spirit?

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