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I don’t know about your children, but as much as Colby and I rely on technology for work, our kids rely on it for learning. We homeschool using computers and tablets, in addition to books. Our preschooler is no different. Chalk Preschool Online is our newest tool for learning.

Chalk Preschool Online

Chalk Preschool Online

Joeli has grown up using technology. With her Expressive Speech Disorder, we have found that the use of videos, apps and online games are very helpful in helping her vocabulary grow. Chalk Preschool Online is perfect for her. Not only can she learn the basic core subjects such as literacy, math, and science, but the repetition and use of videos encourages her speech.

online edutainment program for kids

In addition to the subjects mentioned above, Chalk Preschool Online also features hands-on art, healthy cooking lessons, exercise demos, music and dance videos, and more. These modules even excite our middle two girls. They are thrilled to discover new ways to engage with their younger sister through crafts and movement. It gets them all laughing… and learning… together. Not to mention, the older girls enjoy helping their sister grow her vocabulary too.

Chalk Preschool Online Chalkutainment

So, what all does it include? I have really only touched on a few of the ways your child can learn with Chalk Preschool Online. Take a look at all of the features:

  • Chalkutainment: music videos, webisodes, kid’s talk shows and interactive books that can be viewed on all devices
  • Activities: inspiring ideas and at-home projects, complete with step-by-step instructions and how-to videos
  • Daily Lessons: curated lesson plans developed by preschool educators that varies each day
  • Playlists: playlisted lesson plan segments, shows and music videos based on your choices
  • Printables: exclusive printables that provide hours of fun off the computer
  • Custom Playlist Tool: make lists by subject, child name or simply compile all your family’s favorites to focus on specific topics of interest or need

We can sit down and watch the daily lessons for 30 minutes each day and then continue the learning offline. Chalk Preschool Online makes for a fun day of education and discovery with our preschooler.

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The edutainment program also offers specialized programming that includes two original 30 minute series, “CHALK-Lets” and “What Do I Want To Be When I Grow Up,” hosted by young star Wyatt Oleff (Guardians of the Galaxy). He interviews everyone from Master Lego builder David Howard to Nancy Cartwright (voice of Bart Simpson).