My Chunkiest Monkey

When I found out I was pregnant with baby #4 I was quite surprised. This was the first time that we were not actually trying to get pregnant and it just “kind of” happened. ūüôā

Therefore, I told SuperDad from day 1 that just once, just once, I wanted to wake him up in the middle of the night and say, “It’s time!” I mean, that is how it always works in the movies. That or I was going to call him at work and tell him that he needed to hurry home because I was about to have this baby! Either way would have worked for me. I had repeated dreams of having the baby in church on Sunday morning and did not want it to go down that way!

The pregnancy was pretty uneventful. In fact, it was probably my easiest one. We did not find out what we were having… but were sure it was going to be a boy. I think we believed that because of how easy the pregnancy was going in relation to the others. We were also working off old wives’ tales I guess you could say. So, when it came down to picking names we stayed with a unisexual one and picked out a middle name… for a boy.

One day, as I was sitting in my desk chair… the same desk chair I had used for over 4 years… it just seemed to tip me over and pour me out {ok… now, I may have been shaped like a little teapot but come on}! I was within a week of my due date! I was paralyzed with fear because I feel on my left side… very hard! I was in pain and scared to move. Jake was sitting nearby and was in just about as much shock as I was. I asked him to go grab the phone so I could call SuperDad. I told him what happened, hung up, and with Jake’s help slowly moved to a nearby recliner. Once SuperDad arrived we called the doctor and were told to head to the hospital to make sure the baby was alright. Everything checked out fine. That was on Tuesday.

The next night, I, as usual, went to sleep around 2:00 am. I was now due in only 3 days, but having a track record of inductions and post-due date¬†deliveries, I expected to see the 30th come and go with no baby. I laid down on my left side as I do every night, said my prayers, and drifted off to sleep. Well, it wasn’t even an hour later when I awoke to a weird sensation. I was not yet sure what just happened as I was still half asleep but I knew something was not right. I put my hand behind me and felt a warm wetness across the bed. Ummm…. what is that? I woke up SuperDad and said, “Either my water just broke or I wet the bed.” He grabbed the light and we quickly discovered that my water had indeed broke.

All I have to say is that the way it is depicted in the movies is TOTALLY not true! There was absolutely no question about it. The bed was flooded and I had to walk around for the next 30 minutes with a towel between my legs because it would not stop. SuperDad asked if he could take a quick shower {since he was the one actually laying in the wetness} and I told him to go ahead since I was not having contractions. I packed a bag and we called my mom. After she arrived to stay with the other kids we headed for the hospital.

Once at the hospital there was still no urgency although my contractions did start once we arrived. My mom had plenty of time to let the other kids sleep and to bring them up later before the baby was ever born. Probably the main thing I really remember about the day {other than the delivery} was the AWFUL epidural I was given. SuperDad had to take some papers down to registration and my contractions were coming on pretty intense. Yes, I am a wimp I guess, because I asked for an epidural. The anesthesiologist was a woman {I had always before and after that time had a man} whom did not seem to know exactly what she was doing. My sister held me during the procedure and the pain I experienced then was worse than delivering all 5 of my children put together! To this day I still have a red, raised scar from that epidural. I am thankful it ended up helping the labor pains but I was ready to strangle that lady afterwards! Ouch! -.-

Anyways, I asked my mom {who was in the room with all my deliveries except Monkey’s} and my sister to stay. My sis said she would stay over in the corner but did not want to see “anything.” I told her that was fine I just wanted her there. Although, I can tell you that when the baby crowned my sister ran over to take a peek. In fact, she took some pictures that were almost not G-rated! ¬†She said she just got excited!

When the baby’s head came out the doctor immediately noticed the cord wrapped around the neck not once but two times! Plus, after delivery he also noticed that the cord had a large knot in it! I did not realize until much later how eternally “lucky” we were that the baby survived. The doctor said the knot was probably formed within the first trimester of pregnancy and could have been fatal to the baby had it been pulled any tighter. I was more than thankful to God for giving me my baby… safe and sound.

Oh, and the sex of the baby?! Well, when the doctor pulled the baby out and said, “It’s a girl” we thought he was kidding! We honestly thought she was going to be a boy! We laughed and the doctor asked if he should be the one to tell our son. {I LOVED my doctor… same one for the last 5 pregnancies}. Alas, we told Jake and he took it like a good brother.

The name we picked out still worked since it could be both a boy or girl name but we needed a middle name. Since her name sounds a lot like my name, my sister suggested we use my middle name. SuperDad thought it was a great idea so there it was… a name for the baby. Next, SuperDad and the kids had to go buy an outfit to take her home in since I had only packed for a boy!

Today, Princess is our girliest of girls. We took her birthday shopping earlier this week and all she wanted was make-up and dress up clothes. She is beautiful, loves school, and adores her friends. I am glad everyday that God chose to give her to us… and delighted that He let my water break at 3:00 am on that Thursday morning!

Happy Birthday!
Happy 6th Birthday, Princess!

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