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How will you be celebrating Christmas this year? Do you have family traditions that have transcended generations or have you started new ones? I think that most of our family celebrations are based on traditions that I grew up. Open one present on Christmas Eve. Wake up to open gifts after Santa has come Christmas Day… typically around 4am. Parents nap while kids play. That is pretty much how we spend Christmas morning. Always have.

Celebrating Christmas traditions

Celebrating Christmas

This year when we put our tree up, the kids decided we needed new ornaments for the tree. Me? I think the ones we have used for the past 10 years are great. I mean, they are now family heirlooms, right? At least they are to me. We even went scouring the local stores to find new ornaments. Yep. I came home with a package of pine cones. I simply did not see anything I liked. Fortunately, I WAS able to find the most awesome ornaments on Personal Creations. Best part? Personalized!

Not to mention, I was beyond excited to find that the family ornament I wanted had a place for 7 family members! As a large family, it is not often that we are accommodated for, especially not when it comes to personalized items. When I opened the Noel Family Ornament… with all 7 heads with names… I could have cried. It was perfect! Even better, it added just the right pop of color to our tree.

zipline personalized ornament

But, as exciting as the new family ornament was for me, the kids were even more excited to see their own personalized ornaments. We picked out ones that would best represent them this year… and then hope to do it again in the years to come. It is an excellent tradition to keep going with them… and then with their children as well.

I think the two that really stood out were the one we picked out for our oldest daughter as well as the one for our youngest. My youngest daughter did something this year on our family vacation that I could not believe. She ziplined! And she loved it! So, to celebrate that memory we got her an ornament to represent the momentous event.

Additionally, in even bigger news, our oldest daughter got engaged this past September. Therefore, I wanted to find a precious ornament I could give them to begin their own Christmas traditions. It was a difficult challenge only because of all the fabulous choices. But, I am confident I found the best one.

Christmas Stockings

Funny thing, the Christmas Stockings we currently have are also about 10 years old. I made them… all by myself… when I was pregnant with our 3rd child. She will be 10 on Sunday. Since I am not a crafter, this is a big deal to me. I think they look great. My family wanted something new. I obliged since we were short a couple after growing our family anyways.

After looking over every stocking and bringing in almost everyone for a vote, we found the perfect stockings for the kids: Winter Wonderland Stockings. Each felt stocking has one of the child’s name and a woodland animal decorating the front. Considering Santa fills the stockings with goodies each Christmas, the size and width of these are ideal for plenty of coal… err… little gifts.

winter wonderland stockings

Hopefully the family will all be happy now. There are colorful new ornaments on the tree and fun, personalized stockings hanging from the mantle. I bet they did not think about the fact that now I will know whose stocking is left laying in the floor Christmas morning!

What family traditions do you have when it comes to celebrating Christmas?

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