Celebrate Valentine's Day Year Round
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Showing your significant other that you love him or her is a lovely thing, but what does it have to happen only once a year? Many couples are discovering the art of daily demonstrations of affection, love and respect. In essence, celebrating Valentine’s Day year round.

Celebrate Valentine's Day Year Round

Valentine’s Day Year-Round

Now, I don’t mean you have to go all-out every day; few have the resources for that! But there are things you can do each day to affirm and nourish your relationship. The key is making these gestures habitual. Here are some ideas for making Valentine’s Day a year-round celebration.

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Say “Thank You”

Expressing gratitude is so important in a relationship, even if it’s just a friendship. Thanking your significant other also benefits you, because it opens your eyes to the many ways in which that person augments your life. In other words, the more you practice saying “Thank you,” the more you’ll see what the other person does for you. And that will make you happy as well.

Do His/Her Job

Does your partner always take out the garbage? Cook breakfast? Vacuum? Mow the lawn? Whatever it may be, you are most likely pretty aware of what he or she contributes since you’re now taking the time to say “thank you.” (see above)

So, go ahead and volunteer to do that job yourself for one day. Then you might leave a note that says something like, “Don’t worry about doing ____; I’ve taken care of it. Love you!”  This shows your partner that you actually do notice what they do every day, and it’s a load off their shoulders, too.


Little things can mean a lot, especially if you make a regular habit of giving them. Obviously, you don’t need to give a gift every day; it starts to lose meaning at that point. But maybe once a month a little gift for no particular reason may be just the thing your partner needs to feel fabulous.

When you give a thoughtful gift on a random day of the year, your partner knows you’re not giving it simply because you’re “supposed” to according to the calendar. They know you’re doing it because you want to.

Love Notes

Leave a love note somewhere that your significant other will find it when you’re not around. Again, you don’t have to do this every day; once a week would be great. If you want to keep him or her guessing, do it on a different day of the week each time, in a different place each time.

Make Something

Create something special for your love. Surprise him or her with a homemade collage of romantic pictures of both of you, or put together a simple necklace.

The key here is to do something that is meaningful and fits the other person’s tastes and personality. It’s also a good idea to make something that signifies or illustrates your relationship, or something unique about your journey together.

The spirit of Valentine’s Dayshowing love to others – doesn’t have to be a once-a-year thing. Try venturing out and doing some random acts of love! Your relationship will be better for it!

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