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I dare say that you probably did not know there was a World Play-Doh Day! Plus, Play-Doh is also celebrating their 60th Birthday! Both call for celebrations of gigantic proportions, right?! Not to mention, considering it’s Play-Doh, you definitely have to get creative when it comes to fun ways to celebrate!

Play-Doh 60th Birthday

Celebrate Past with Play-Doh

In fact, Play-Doh is celebrating its past by looking to the future, imagining what fashion, food, science, life, and the world as a whole will look like in the next 60 years. How do you imagine the world will be 60 years from now? Flying cars? Flying footwear, perhaps? Maybe time travel will be possible and we will have stoves that do all of the cooking for us. Play-Doh decided to gather imaginative predictions from the youngest members of their fan community, and then brought those visions to life using 100% Play-Doh compound. Take a look at a time-lapse of the “Fashion will be Fiercer than Ever” sculpture.

The girls and I were not quite that crafty with our Play-Doh, but we did our best. Before we began sculpting, I asked them how they envisioned the future. What types of products did they imagine would be around 60 years from now. We had a few interesting ideas come up, but each girl picked one or two and focused on those. Supplied with 24 colorful tubs of Play-Doh and the Play-Doh Ice Cream Castle Playset, we were ready to see what we could sculpt to transport us to the future!


Jaci and I may have collaborated a little on our idea. When we were brainstorming, I asked them what types of inventions would they like to see in 60 years. Of course, as a mother of 5, I am all for a folding machine! We have the washing machine and dryer, now we need one to fold. So, that was my envision. To create a mock folding machine that would work hand-in-hand with Jaci’s robot.


Her robot essentially became a butler. He was was able to not only take the folded clothes from the folding machine, but he could also put them away — along with a host of other things. Mostly, Jaci just had fun coming up with the idea and using the colorful compound to make it become more 3D.


Jaden decided we were all going to live on space ships in the future. Therefore, she created a (not-to-scale) sculpture to bring her idea to life. Complete with an antenna to watch TV and wings to fly, this cute little spacecraft was a fabulous idea!


As for Joeli, she really just wanted to make some ice cream with the playset and a unicorn— but mostly just ice cream. So we let her. After all, Play-Doh has been a therapeutic part of her sensory play for years, so we let her enjoy it. And she very much did. Who doesn’t love the feel and SMELL of Play-Doh?! Colby even walked by our craft table and picked up the compound just to smell it.


It’s not too hard to believe that Play-Doh as been around for 60 years. I remember sculpting with it as a child… and love that my kids are able to enjoy it just the same.


Happy 60th Birthday, Play-Doh! And Happy World Play-Doh Day to all of us! What do you think the world will look like in 60 years?