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Mother’s Day is coming up really soon. Have you bought that special mom in your life a gift? How will you celebrate Mom this Mother’s Day?

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Celebrate Mom

If you are looking for jewelry, I have a great gift idea for to help you celebrate Mom! The Open Hearts Collection by Jane Seymour is found at Kay Jewelers and is perfect!

More than just beautiful jewelry, the collection reflects the ups and downs of life – presenting a meaningful and memorable way to recall those times when mom was there to support us during our moments of triumph and encourage us whenever we were discouraged.

Think of all the times that your mom (or wife) has experienced those up and downs of life. Those times when she was there to pick you up or encourage your kids. Performing everyday tasks to make things go smoothly for the entire household. Simply being “Mom.”

Wave - Not Alone

I know that my life as a mom has been filled with both moments of great joy and sadness. Times of jubilation and times of disappointment. We all seem to live that wave of life that Jane Seymour speaks about. Therefore, this year, give mom a gift that tells her journey. One that she can look at and remember that with every wave, we are all in in this together.

Open Hearts by Jane Seymour Kay Jewelers

Open Hearts

Jane’s newest collection, Open Hearts Waves by Jane Seymour™, expands even further upon the Open Hearts design. The artistic perspective of the most recent collection celebrates the philosophy that life is like a wave-continuously building, cresting and releasing… always allowing for learning, connection and revival. The journey of a true Open Heart is to welcome the waves with infinite possibilities for renewal, change and growth.

Open Heart Waves necklace

Whether looking for a pendant, ring, or charm, you can find the perfect piece in the Open Hearts Collection. Each item boldly displaying the waves crashing into the shape of an Open Heart in some manner.

Open Heart Waves ring

Iconic blue and white diamonds form each wave and they flow together to create a story. One that can easily translate into that of motherhood.

How will you celebrate mom this Mother’s Day?

Watch for more information about Jane Seymour and the Open Hearts Collection over the next few months as we continue to learn about both… together.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Kay Jewelers.