CAUSEBOX by Sevenly journal and jewelry

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I have no doubt that you have heard of a subscription box. You pay for the subscription and receive monthly shipments from the company. Each time you open a box and are surprised and delighted by what you find inside. But, what if you could not only delight yourself, but give back at the same time! Let me introduce you to the CAUSEBOX by Sevenly.

CAUSEBOX by Sevenly contents

CAUSEBOX by Sevenly

The CAUSEBOX by Sevenly is a seasonal selection of socially conscious products for women. Each box you receive will feature products with a retail value of at least $150. This means you know you are getting much more than your money’s worth with the price of the subscription just $49.95/quarter. Not to mention, you are purchasing from socially-conscious brands with products that:

  • give back generously to underprivileged communities
  • help provide jobs and sustainable income in underdeveloped areas of the world
  • raise awareness for different charitable initiatives
  • empower people, help people, or otherwise make the world a better place, and are made ethically

How does the CAUSEBOX by Sevenly give back?

7% of every purchase is given back to charity for every box sold, each and every quarter. This begins to adds up as the service continues. Plus, if the subscriber chooses to support a specific charity through their subscription, they have the option to pick from a variety of charity partners. Otherwise, if Sevenly picks the charity, the subscriber will be contacted with information on how their funds were used.

CAUSEBOX by Sevenly box gives back to charity

With the very first CAUSEBOX, the Sevenly team was able to donate $3,500 to the Jessie Rees Foundation which provides joy and hope for children
who have been diagnosed with cancer. The Sevenly team then took a break from work and actually went to the charity to create joyful experiences for these brave children. See what a difference your subscription box indulgence can really buy!

CAUSEBOX by Sevenly journal and jewelry

Just take a look at a few of the products found inside the CAUSEBOX by Sevenly:

Denik “Be The Change” Journal

This journal is the perfect companion for all worldchangers, day dreamers, doodlers, and to-do listers. It features one of Sevenly’s favorite quotes and encourages action. A portion from every notebook that Denik sells goes toward funding schools in developing countries through amazing foundations like Pencils of Promise.

Tribe Alive CAUSEBOX by Sevenly

Tribe-Alive Bracelet

Every bracelet is handmade by women in Honduras under fair trade working conditions, and each piece contributes to community development and job creation in developing countries. This collaboration bracelet alone helped Tribe-Alive provide 20 jobs for women in Honduras.

Perf Turkish Towel

Flat woven in Turkey, these Sevenly exclusive Turkish Towels are highly absorbent, fast-drying, and roll up perfectly for easy packing. Perf gives 15% of profits to community development projects in Haiti.

CAUSEBOX by Sevenly with Perf and Half United

Smarty Pants Vitamins

Made in California, Smarty Pants partners with Vitamin Angels to give vitamins to a child in need for every bottle of vitamins that they sell. Together they have helped over 500,000 at-risk children and counting!

CAUSEBOX by Sevenly

And this is just sample of the items you can expect to find in the CAUSEBOX by Sevenly. It’s hard to pick a favorite from the beautiful selection of items crafted to give back to others.