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Catastrophic Injury Vs Personal Injury Lawyer: Which is Better?

If your injury was someone else’s fault, they might be legally required to pay you compensation for any long-lasting medical expenses or recovery bills.

However, which type of lawyer should you hire — a catastrophic injury lawyer or a personal injury lawyer?

There are other considerations in addition to injury specialization that can influence your claim’s success. One such consideration is whether or not to hire a lawyer specializing in local laws.

Local laws vary from State to State and it can be confusing to determine what kind of lawyer to hire. For instance, in San Antonio, a catastrophic injury lawyer is very different from a personal injury lawyer in both approach and processes.

Similarly, would a catastrophic injury lawyer be more equipped to handle your case? Questions of such format can play a significant role in your total compensation. 

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When asking which is better for your case, there are a few key factors to consider. While both a catastrophic injury and personal injury lawyer can get the job done, you should think carefully about the differences between the two before you hire your attorney. 

What Does a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer do?

A catastrophic injury lawyer specializes in personal injury cases that go above and beyond the regular level of hurt.

If the victim has suffered a catastrophic injury, there are likely higher medical bills, more loss of income, and a larger chance of permanent injury. A catastrophic injury lawyer will consider all this when examining a case. 

Catastrophic injuries are defined differently by different states. In Texas, catastrophic injuries are considered anything that impairs the ability to work for more than a year, leads to permanent disability or disfigurement, or prevents the victim from living independently. This type of injury results in higher compensation.

When Should You Use a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer?

Suppose you can prove that your injury is catastrophic and that you deserve more compensation than a regular personal injury lawyer can give. In that case, hiring a catastrophic injury lawyer might be a good idea.

Your injuries should be permanent or highly restrictive, preventing you from working or living independently for several months to a year. 

Most injury attorneys offer a free initial consultation, so you can meet with a catastrophic injury lawyer free of charge in your area.

If you attend a consultation session and the lawyer decides that your injury doesn’t qualify as “catastrophic,” it’s time to consider a personal injury lawyer. 

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

On the other hand, a personal injury lawyer does a very similar job to a catastrophic injury lawyer. They take care of the client’s lawsuit, from the initial consultation to any potential court dates.

However, personal injury law might not cover a catastrophic injury but refer you to a different law firm.

For a standard personal injury case, an attorney will talk to eyewitnesses, insurance companies, healthcare professionals, and any necessary experts.

A personal injury case depends on negligence or liability, and once a personal injury lawyer can prove that, your claim will be validated. 

When Should You Use a Personal Injury Lawyer?

If you have experienced an accident or a workplace injury, you can contact a personal injury lawyer for a free consultation. They will be able to tell you if you can move forward with a claim, if your injury is catastrophic, and how much compensation you can claim. 

You might need a catastrophic injury lawyer for more serious or long-lasting injuries. However, a standard personal injury lawyer will handle most personal injuries extremely well.

They are also more common than catastrophic injury lawyers, so it’s more likely that you have one in your area. 

Other Considerations:

One of the most important considerations when hiring a lawyer should be their experience and familiarity with state laws. States have different criteria for determining negligence, which can directly influence your compensation.

Since Texas follows modified comparative negligence, victims who suffered injuries in San Antonio are also held liable for the accident. 

If the victim’s contribution and responsibility for the accident exceeds 50%, they would not be liable for any recompense. When hiring a lawyer, make sure they are familiar and experienced with state laws to put your best foot forward. 

So, Which Type of Lawyer is Better?

While all catastrophic injury lawyers are personal injury lawyers, not all personal injury lawyers are catastrophic lawyers.

You might benefit from a catastrophic lawyer if you have a serious, life-changing, or debilitating injury. However, a personal injury lawyer can represent lesser (but still serious) injuries well.