After reading over an article on CNN about how caregiver lives get rerouted, I began to think about my own parents. I feel as though they are both still relatively young. Or at least they are in my eyes. My dad is in his early 60’s and my mom in her mid-50’s. Yet, I have already gone through a caregiving role with my mom.


Caregiving for Parents

Being the oldest in my family, I assume the responsible role. The day my dad brought me his insurance papers, will and DNR to sign… I did so willingly but cried myself to sleep. Thinking of getting to that point with either of my parents is not something I ever want to think about it. But, in some practical way, I know I have to. They are aging and will need my help some day.

When my mom was battling cancer, I was on call 24/7. There were at least 2 instances where I had to run out of the house, go to her house, almost physically carry her to the car, and take her to the emergency room. There were chemo treatments a couple times a week and other appointments in between. Prescriptions to be filled. Things to be bought and picked up. My brother and sister both work, so I willingly accepted that role. Being able to search local care providers and resources would have been a great asset during that time.

In the article I mentioned above, there were 2 different emotional states mentioned with the caregivers. As I read each one, I thought about myself and which one I would be. Knowing what I have gone through before — and the way I love and cherish my parents — I am sure I would have to agree with the woman who felt as though she was the luckiest daughter alive.

Are you currently a caregiver?

Do you feel as though you will willingly accept that role when the time comes?