Capturing Mother Daughter Moments

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a Brand Ambassador Campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of U by Kotex Tween and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.

I am a daughter. I have 4 daughters of my own. Capturing mother daughter moments is an important part of my everyday life. My girls are all amazing… each in their own way. They make me laugh, cry, shake my head… pull my hair out.

Capturing Mother Daughter Moments

Mother Daughter Moments

Girls will be girls, right?! But, I would not change them for a thing. They are mine and it shows!

And, well, with having all this estrogen in the house, that means that… at some point… we are all going to be in sync and my husband and son will suffer from it.

My oldest daughter, 17 in September, and I have already “synced.” I am sure you girls understand. Isn’t that how it typically works?

She will announce that she knows her period is coming soon and I am instantly reminded of the same. My husband and son know to prepare.

The Body and Its Changes

Talking to my oldest was actually quite easy. We homeschooled her from 1st-12th grade, so teaching her everything I could was my responsibility as a parent and teacher.

We used our health time to learn about the body and its changes. And my son was taught right beside her to understand that it is a natural part of life… and he will forever have to deal with it as well in some form or another.

body and its changes

With the next one coming up, I may have to explain a little different. My 8 year old is very tactile in her learning. 

Thankfully, I have a special cosmetic bag to share with her as we talk about the developments and changes involved.

In fact, I have already given the bag to her in advance and told her we would be discussing its contents soon. I told her to look through the bag, take a look at what was inside, and come up with questions that she may have about the products included: lip balm, 2 hair elastics, 3 neon bandages, a nail file, a fold-up brush, and a few U by Kotex Tween liners.

She will want facts and need to know exactly how it all works and why. She is inquisitive and smart. Completely different in some retrospects to my oldest. And she has already begun to ask questions so I know the time is near.

U by Kotex Tween liners

I already know that my 6 year old will require a different talk, different moment than the other two. She is much more sensitive. And who knows yet with my toddler. The joys of parenting girls I presume!

Have you had the talk yet with your daughter?

If yes, how did you read the cues that she was ready? If not, how do you plan on approaching the subject? Is there a special Mother-Daughter activity you share that you can use to help ease into the discussion? Find tips on how to talk to your daughter about her period on the U by Kotex Tween website.

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