Happily Ever Avery Calling Audibles on Treatment

Happily Ever Avery // Calling Audibles on Treatment

There’s a lot to mention today…

Avery’s medical team met today and made a few audibles in her therapy going forward, so here are the bullet points:

  • they’ve decided to stop chemo
  • she was given her 3 chemo meds during her LP this morning, plus her regular morning meds, and then this afternoon’s last dose of vincristine (they stopped steroids yesterday after weaning her off all week)
  • they’ll do her bone marrow biopsy next Thursday (5/20)
  • her T-Cells are coming in early, now expected on Friday (5/21)
  • based on her BM results, they hope to start her 4-5 days of CAR-T chemo on Monday (5/24)
  • CAR-T cell infusion on Friday (5/28) or Saturday (5/29)
  • monitoring for a couple of days before going “home” the first week of June (home will be the Ronald McDonald House because she can’t be too far from the hospital)

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