Calendar for Tracking Period
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As a teenage girl, one of the most embarrassing moments would have to be starting your period before you are ready. And then… being unprepared for the rest of the day.

Calendar for Tracking Period

That is why I teach my girls to use a calendar to track their period. I learned how to use one as a teenager and I found it to be very beneficial.

Tracking Your Period

The average menstrual cycle is 28 days, but girls tend to go both above and below that number. Anywhere from 21 to 35 days is still considered normal, and even then you can go a few in either direction.

Knowing your body and reading its signs will help you avoid those embarrassing situations. A simple calendar can assist in this area.

So, what do you need to track?

  1. A girl knows that her “period” has warning signs. Everyone’s are different but they are there. In order to figure out what your signs are, make sure to write your illnesses, tender areas, etc on the calendar. Headaches, cramps, sore legs, bloating… these and other physical symptoms can indicate the start of something. Knowing how early you begin to develop these signs will help you plan accordingly in each subsequent month.
  2. Moody? Chart your emotions and stress levels. Estrogen and progesterone levels are changing in your body prior to starting your period and that could throw your emotions into all sorts of chaos. Noticing and notating these each month can reveal a cycle you can be aware of month after month.
  3. Obviously most important, bleeding. Chart any spotting or bleeding… and be sure to note how light or heavy it is. This will assist you in easily remembering when you had your last period, how long between periods you normally go before starting, and how flow is during those days. All important information and good to know about your body.

Whether you use an online calendar, printed format, or even an app… it can prove to be extremely useful. Knowing and understanding your body will only make you appreciate it more.

Plus, event planning will become easier… and you will never be caught completely unexpected without the proper protection.

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Do you track your period?

Do you use a calendar? App? Journal? I would love to hear more ideas about what works best for you. I still have 3 more daughters to work with through menstrual cycles… I can use all the advice I can get!