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You have your conference pass and badge. Airfare has been purchased. Roommates secured. New clothes bought. Luggage is ready. What else do you need to get ready for conference season? Oh yeah, business cards!

business cards

Get Ready for Conference Season

My husband just got back from Dad 2.0 Summit this past weekend and said he met a handful of guys there without business cards. Ouch. I know when I attended both BloggyCon and BlogHer, as well as CES, I handed out business cards left and right. And I am pretty sure I came home with twice as many from others. This is your lasting impression with reps and colleagues when you walk away. I made sure he was well prepared.

When you get home, or back to the office, and sort through the pile of business cards you gathered, do any stand out? Why? Try these tips to make sure yours do as well.

Business Cards Tips

5 Business Card Tips

  1. Include Important Information — As crazy as it sounds, I have seen bloggers leave off their blog name, URL, email, name. They get so wrapped up in the design that they completely lose track of the information they need to include. You want people to know where to find you. Name, email, and blog URL are perhaps most important. Social Media accounts are helpful, particularly Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn or Pinterest based on your niche. Don’t go overboard.
  2. Use Readable Fonts — Although you want your design to be unique and branded, using a hard-to-read font could mean that your card is void once passed on. I mean, you obviously want to be contacted, right? So make sure you use a typeface that is clear and readable.
  3. Include a Headshot — Yes, now is the time to be vain. Show off your face! Why? With all the business cards a rep or client may collect, when they see your face they can more easily remember meeting you. Putting a face to a name or name to a face builds that relationship… and that is exactly what you want to accomplish.
  4. Pick Good Card Stock — You would think this would also be a given. But, well, some people just do not know any better. You can even really spruce up your card with a nice glossy or matte finish such as provided by Signazon. It adds a nice elegant, classy finish to your business card and, once again, makes it stand out from the pile. Plus, we ordered our cards and had them within a week and the quality was superb! I know I was pleased with how well they turned out… and Colby got a few compliments on them as well. They obviously turned out well and the brands noticed. Score!
  5. Use Coordinating Colors — You will most likely want to have your cards compliment the look of your site. While doing so, you also want to make sure to use coordinating colors. A myriad of clashing colors is not aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and may draw the wrong kind of attention. Use complimentary colors that blend with your site’s brand and are easy to view.

Are you ready to design your business cards?

Be sure to leave a little white space. Some people like to write notes on your card and the extra space is perfect for doing so. Pass out cards to all prospective partners… and make sure to ask for one back in return. You now have the opportunity to reach out to them and start the relationship. If nothing else, drop them a quick email and thank them for the time you had to talk. Promote your brand. Get your name out there. Do your thing!

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