building confidence in tweens

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Building confidence, no matter how old we are, can be a challenge depending on many factors. Making the transition from elementary to middle school can often make building confidence a struggle. Not only are tweens this age typically facing a new (bigger) school along with a new set of classmates and teachers, but they are usually often hitting puberty straight on. We, as parents, can help by empowering our tweens to build self-confidence.

building confidence in tweens

Building Confidence

My tweens recently sat down and did an interview based on confidence. Jaden, our 6th grader, talked about what confidence meant to her and how much confidence she has in herself. Listening to her discuss the topic was a great way for Colby and I to know exactly how to talk to her about the subject. We wanted to make sure she understood that we were listening, and, more importantly, that we were here to help her navigate this emotionally-charged time in her adolescence. Here is what she had to say:

Based on the video and the conversation we had with her afterwards, we were able to use the following tips to help her (and her sister) work on building their confidence:

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Remember back when you were a tween? Body changes. Your first pimple. Your baby teeth have stopped falling out and the new ones are coming in. A collaboration of physical and emotional changes happen that you have no control over. But, you can control how you feel. We help the girls look good so they can feel good. They each have their own style and we encourage their individuality. Also, for Jaden, she has just begun her Invisalign Teen® treatments. Within a few days, she was already feeling more confident about her smile, and subsequently, her entire appearance. Empower their uniqueness and inner beauty.

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Listening to the girls was essential to understanding how to talk to them on the subject. We needed to truly comprehend their level of confidence and their personal struggles. This allowed Colby and I to share stories from our own adolescent years and the challenges we faced. Both Colby and I wore braces and could completely understand the confidence a beautiful smile could bring. Jaden was grateful for the opportunity to wear her Invisalign Teen trays and looks forward to the end of treatment to see the results. Her younger sister is counting down through her baby teeth to be able to qualify!

Celebrate Individuality


Children and adults alike should be able to love the skin they’re in. Encourage your children to embrace the changes they are going through and to find the good in every one. Leave the lines of communication open so they can discuss any changes, ask questions, and feel confident in coming to you at any moment. Don’t shy away from the tough topics or they will as well. This is the time in parenting when tough love is really put to the test!

building confidence in tweens

Head over to Invisalign Teen and take a look at the social smile gallery. Celebrate treatment stories from their peers as they share their new smiles. Nothing like a few real-life stories and pictures to motivate them to want the same.

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