Bridal Beauty Survival Kit
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Summer is the time when the heat outside gets turned up outside and the passion inside becomes intense. Wedding season is in full swing and the heat is on when it comes to looking fabulous for the big day.

Bridal Beauty Survival Kit

Bridal Beauty Survival Kit 101

Have you stopped to think about what you should include in your Bridal Beauty Survival Kit? Even though I will celebrate 18 years of marital bliss this September, I still remember the craziness of the day.

Every bride wants to feel confident and look amazing from the walk down the aisle to the first kiss and all the way to the last dance of the night. Here are some practical ideas to help you be prepared.

Ok, those bridesmaids should do much more for you at your wedding that just walk down the aisle ahead of you. They will need to help keep you looking great and the following is a list of items to have on hand… just in case!

Misadventures in Makeup

  • Tissue – there will most likely be tears flowing whether tears of joy or sadness
  • Q-Tips – to wipe away the smudges
  • Concealer/Powder – for touch-ups to keen skin flawless throughout the day
  • Mascara – to replace any wiped away
  • Makeup Remover – for any mishaps caused by running makeup, etc
  • Compact Mirror – to check the need for maintenance
  • Lip Gloss – you want to keep your lips moist for those up-close and personal moments

Hair Hardships

  • Hair Spray – to keep stray hairs in their place
  • Bobby Pins – to keep veil and pesty stray hairs in their place
  • Curling Iron – for falling curls throughout the day/evening
  • Comb/Brush – for the obvious

Distress with the Dress

  • Needle and Thread – you just never know
  • Krazy Glue – for those things a needle and thread cannot fix
  • Safety Pins – for whatever the other two will not hold
  • Clear Nail Polish – in case of runs in your hose
  • Extra Stockings – for those that clear nail polish cannot fix
  • Dove Deodorant – to ensure confidence in your dress and keep you dry all day

General Grievances

  • Nail File – a broken nail can be a disaster when trying to look your best
  • Antacid and/or Headache Medicine – stress can take its toll and you want to be prepared
  • Feminine Products – sometimes “Aunt Flo” has a mind of her own
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Breath Mints – you want to be minty fresh for stolen kisses
  • Band- Aids – for any blisters or cuts the day may bring

Well, that is perhaps not a completely exhaustive list but it should get you better prepared. What else would you add to your Bridal Beauty Survival Kit?

Disclosure: I was compensated for this post by the Clever Girls Collective. All the opinions expressed here are my own.

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