Happily Ever Avery // Breaking Down Thiopurines (6-TG)

Happily Ever Avery // Breaking Down Thiopurines (6-TG)

Well, we’re still in the hospital. As you can tell by the many brightly-colored bandages on her little fingers, she’s also still getting finger pricks around the clock.

She’s beyond done with everything at this point.

But, her blood sugar levels are still going up and down. Her care team doesn’t want to send her home and have her sugar levels drop to dangerous levels.

They still aren’t 100% sure on the cause, but are definitely leaning towards the 6-TG chemo medicine she had been taking nightly at home.

She actually finished it last week, so now we have to wait for the levels to decrease in her body.

Why don’t they test the levels of 6-TG in her body to confirm?

Good question! The results from the test won’t be back for ten days and, we’re hoping, the medicine will have metabolized by then and the issue will resolve itself.

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