Enjoy Breakfast at Monsters University with Milk Mustache

When we attend Monsters University in just a couple of weeks, you can bet we are going to need a healthy breakfast to get our day started. The Beastly Breakfast Blitz is a way for you to help the students at Monsters U get a healthy breakfast… with milk… as fast as you can. That’s right, you can enjoy breakfast at Monsters University with Milk Mustache.

Beastly Breakfast Blitz

Monsters University

Beastly Breakfast Blitz is a fun, new game brought to you by Monsters University and Milk Mustache.

Fill every monster order before time runs out to move through new levels, and experience an entire week of breakfast in the MU cafeteria. You will need to be quick – these little monsters need to fuel up for scaring school with milk’s high-quality protein at breakfast!

Simply guide Terri and Terry to the food stations and then tap the game to prep and grab the delicious plate of breakfast. Next they need to make their way to the students so they can deliver the food. But, you must make sure to HURRY! You do not want those monsters to go hungry. Otherwise they become REALLY cranky! And if you get three strikes against you… then you are out of there.

Monsters University milk mustache

At Monsters University, it takes a lot to fuel a entire day of scaring. But nothing scares up a successful day more than a healthy breakfast served with milk. A glass of milk – with 8 grams of high-quality protein in each 8 oz serving – can help power your monster days!

Are you ready? Get your hair net and gloves on and be prepared to serve up a nutritious breakfast!

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