Bosch Premium Series Dishwasher at Best Buy
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I don’t know how many dishes your family goes through each day, but with a family our size, we go through several. S E V E R A L. In fact, we typically run the dishwasher twice a day.

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher

Part of that reason is because our current dishwasher only has two racks, unlike the Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher with CrystalDry.

The new Bosch 800 Series Dishwashers, available at Best Buy, feature RackMatic®. With 3 different height levels and up to 9 possible rack positions, you can customize each load for your needs and, therefore, Fit it all, every time.

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher

Not to mention, the Bosch 800 Series allows you to easily accommodate “the odd one out”. What do I mean? By adding a flexible 3rd rack, with adjustable tines, you can create the right fit for deep, tall, or uniquely-shaped items.

In fact, there’s room for up to 16 place settings! Plus, easily choose from 6 wash cycles including five-level wash, 5 options like Extra Dry, and a concealed heating element.

That means you can [most likely] fit all of your family’s dishes into one load, saving you, time, money, and water!

Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher

More features of the Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher with CrystalDry include:

  • Extremely quiet operation with 42-dBA noise level rating due to 18 unique sound-reducing technologies
  • EasyGlide™ rack makes it easy to adjust and move the racks, even when full of dishes
  • Program a cycle quickly with integrated controls that make it easy with simple touch technology
  • 24/7 Aquastop® helps you protect your floors with a 4-part leak prevention system that uses sensors to detect and stop leaks, and can even turn on by itself.

Plus, every Bosch dishwasher is ENERGY STAR qualified and meets or exceeds federal guidelines, for year-round energy savings.

Find out more about the new Bosch 800 Series dishwashers at your local Best Buy or at

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