{Bloggy Con ’11} – We Have Arrived in Ohio

Whew! After 21 hours on the road, 18 hours Tuesday and 3 hours Wednesday, we arrived at the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio. What a trip! We are only traveling with 4 out of 5 of our kiddos since Pepper is in Utah on her mission trip, but it was still quite an adventure. Actually, the 18 hour drive Tuesday was not even as rough as the three hour trip yesterday. Of course, we left Dallas at 4:00am Tuesday, so the girls were pretty tired and slept off and on, plus, the new activity books, Kobo reader, and other things in their backpacks were fresh and new to them and kept their attention. Yesterday it was more about “she touched me“, “she won’t share” and “Are we there yet?” Ok, so we only heard “are we there yet” twice… but that was enough. I was ready to pull a hair or two out of my head by the time we arrived!

Oh yeah, we got here at 12:00pm {knowing check-in was at 4:00pm} with the intent of letting the kids play in the water park. But, when we arrived we were told our room was available they just needed time to clean it and to give them about an hour. We were told to expect a call from the cleaning staff when the room was ready. Hmmm… an hour? Ok. Let’s go eat lunch, come back and look around, and then our room should be ready. Ummm… we waited and waited and waited! After almost 3 hours we decided to let the kids play the Compass Quest game everyone else was walking around playing. At least it would give us something to do {after fighting with Monkey to get her to take a nap… she was so tired but could not get comfortable in her umbrella stroller}! Therefore, we got our “magic wand,” compass, and quest book and Jake, JJ, Princess and I set out on our first quest. After finishing it I suggested SuperDad {who was sitting in a dark area with Monkey letting her sleep by this time} call downstairs and just ask for a time frame… the room was supposed to be ready by 4:00pm anyway! Yeah, called down and they asked, “Did you not get a call?” Ummm… no! “Oh, sorry about that, your room is ready!” Grrrrr!

Nonetheless, we got to our room, unloaded the truck, and SuperDad took JJ and Princess down to the waterpark while Jake and I stayed in the room with Monkey. Monkey was quite content playing in the bathtub with some Barbie dolls. After that it was time for the BloggyCon Kick-Off Party! {BTW… I am going to get plenty of exercise while we are here because our room is literally the 2nd to last room at one end of the resort and the conference center is downstairs at the opposite end of the resort!} I think I am the blogger that has traveled the furthest and on top of that I have to walk the furthest. Humph! 🙂

All in all, I met some pretty amazing ladies already. We had such a fun time at the party last night just learning about each other and laughing all evening. There was so much great ideas, opinions, and advice to be shared. It was fun meeting many Twitter personas in real life and learning  more about the people behind the avatars! I can not wait to meet more today and hear from all the great speakers! This is my first blog conference and I am pretty stoked about it! {Does saying “stoked” reveal my age? Just wondering!} Whatever! I leave you with some pictures from our road trip up here. More updates coming in the days ahead! You can also follow along on Twitter with the #BloggyCon hashtag!

Baby sleeping
She was so exhausted and this was the best position she found to sleep in! 🙂
Kids in the Car
After the girls had naps the ride was a little easier to handle. Say’ “Cheese!” 😀
We spent a little over an hour in Nashville looking around… this is the Parthenon there.
Rainbow that went almost completely across the sky in Kentucky!
Crossing over the bridge to Cincinnati!
Our room
When we finally got into our room we all just wanted to lay down and rest!
365 Days of Gratitude

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