Make Your Previous Content Work For You

You have been writing some awesome content lately. Maybe for the past year, and maybe only for the past few months. Either way, it’s pretty great. You’re seeing comments on posts, they’re being pinned like crazy, and then… then it stops.

Blogging 101 - Make Your Previous Content Work For You

But… that post is still pretty awesome, even it’s a few months old.

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That’s right. It just needs some momentum. One of the largest problems that bloggers face is buried content.

We write these amazing posts and they end up buried under newer posts. Being older doesn’t make these posts less valuable, it just makes them less accessible.

Previous Content

Over the years I’ve tried a few things to help unearth this previous content—some of my best posts—and I wanted to share them with you today.

Here are three ways to make your previous content work for you.

  1. Use your sidebars to visually display your best posts or categories.
    Adding images from your top posts or categories to your sidebar is a visual way to grab the attention of your readers and direct them to your best previous content.

    You can easily make square buttons in PicMonkey or Photoshop with images that represent each post or category that can be switched out as often as you’d like.
  2. Pin your content to group boards.
    Group Pinterest boards are a great way to get your content in front of some new eyes. Pinning previous content can begin the sharing cycle all over again.

    A good rule of thumb is to wait a few weeks between pins or until your previous pin has 50 or more repins before pinning that previous content again. Of course, always check the rules stated in the group board, as different boards have different rules. 

    Tailwind is a great tool for scheduling pins. You can use Pixelied for making great looking pins to create a cohesive, branded look to your boards.
  3. Make your best content easily accessible in a spreadsheet.
    Something you can do to save time is to gather all of your posts in a spreadsheet. Add a link to the post and pin, and make an extra column to keep track of the dates you share.

    Not searching through your blog every time you want to “bump” your posts can save a lot of time. Every time you share these links, make sure to create a catchy way to present them.

    Instead of, “sharing this recipe from last year” write something like, “This apple pie recipe is to die for!”

As a blogger, sharing previous content is just as important as writing great new content. Write once, and share it over and over again.

I’m Becca Ludlum, and I am thrilled to be here at Our Family Lifestyle today. Staci is a blogger who I respect and admire, and I love how she shares all of her tips and tricks with her readers. She invited me here today as part of my book launch tour. As a blogger and blog mentor I’m often asked how to start, grow, or monetize blogs. I decided to write Everything But the Posts: Tips, Advice, and Templates From A Blogger Who Has Been in Your Shoes to help bloggers who want to create or grow their blog.