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Whew! What a weekend it has been with this move! I must say, I am not “to” technically challenged and for the most part the move was pretty simple. My only challenge thus far has been the 301 redirect from Blogger to WordPress. I desperately need this to work in order to maintain all my old links and traffic! All those stats are pretty important in the blogging business! {Any direction as to how to properly get this configured would be appreciated! I have tried every tutorial I could as well as as least 5 different plugins.}

That reminds me, I was talking to Prince W this weekend and he said something that I never realized before. First, let me preface the statement with a bit of my history: I grew up in a lower-middle class family. We were not blessed with money and times were quite often hard. So, we, of course, never had a computer and did not even get a typewriter until my Senior year in high school! {Yes, for you “youngn’s” there was life before computers and such!} I remember telling my mom I didn’t see a need for “keyboarding” because I was never going to use the skills learned {Oy! How I am beating myself up for that now}. When my teachers would tell us papers needed to be 2 pages, double-spaced I had no clue what they meant… my papers were still turned in handwritten on notebook paper!

Months before SuperDad and I were married we got a “good deal” on a 486 computer {yep, the stone age type}. This was before all the cool graphics and such. I was amazed at the things you could do with Microsoft Word was totally hooked! I even used the computer to make maps for our wedding reception {this was HUGE for me}. And, thus began my love for computers! It was that simple. 🙂

I began to teach myself as much as I could so that my papers looked presentable while in college and then discovered the internet! Oh, the internet. I do believe at some points I reach the end of the internet so I turn around and take a different path. Imagine my glee when a friend of SuperDad’s just handed over a copy of Photoshop 7 because he had an extra! OMGoodness! Now, this is the moment my true affair with my computer started! I was pregnant with Princess JF and my insomnia had peaked through the summer, so PS7 became my best friend. I read every tutorial I could find and began Digital Scrapbooking. The things the computer could do were amazing to me. I was designing all sorts of invitataions {like my sister’s wedding invites} and flyers and such for church. Soon after I was asked to do some photo editing for a local wedding photographer… I mean my love for all things techy had not only been born but was growing quicker than a weed {as we say down South}.

From there I went on to learn HTML and anything else I could read about on the internet. I began designing simple websites for people and decided to start my blog in 2007. Now, 4 years later, here I am! I still very much enjoy my computer and designing things. Unfortunately I can’t draw, so I am at the mercy of clip art, but I still like to do it. Last week I designed shirts for our church VBS and then some flyers for a local non-profit, and then these past few days have been all about this blog {well, while on the computer since it was the weekend which meant family time}. There is always something to do and that, in a way, makes me happy. I have to learn to balance my time between “work” and “family.” I get so obsessed with projects sometimes and refuse to quit until I am done. This past week I have been living on 3-5 hours a night of sleep because the late night/early morning hours are the only ones I have to myself for working. As soon as I get this blog design finished to my satisfaction I may find more time for sleep… or here’s hoping anyways!

Nevertheless, all that to come to Prince W’s statement: “Mom, I guess since you never had a computer growing up you feel like you have to make up for it now. You know so much about them and can do anything!” Well, he IS my son and moms are supposed to know everything, right?

My lone prince…
365 Days of Gratitude

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