Big Game Commercial Bingo

Honestly, how many of us just watch the Super Bowl for the commercials? Those big game commercials have become their own cultural phenomenon and are highly anticipated each year.

Advertisers pour good money into each commercial and bathroom breaks are reserved for game time. Come on, you know it’s true!

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Big Game Commercial Bingo

Big Game Commercial Bingo

Now, we all know the typical kinds of commercials we are going to see. There is always that ONE that makes everyone stop, stare at the TV, and then cry huge crocodile tears.

Why do they do this to us? Or, that one where a shiny new car drives through empty city streets. Where is this city with no traffic by the way? There needs to be a talking baby, adorable dog, and at least one bikini-clad supermodel in there as well.

It is this realization that helped us come up with a fun game to play as we watch: Big Game Commercial Bingo.

Big Game Commercial Bingo Printable Card

Simply download the four bingo cards, print them off, then use coins, bottle tops, pull tabs, whatever you have available to mark your bingo spots.

As you and your fellow commercial — errrr — football watching friends watch TV, mark the things you see until you reach BINGO! 

There are several Bingo Patterns you can play to win, for example:

  • Barbell
  • Block of 6
  • Diamond
  • Field Goal
  • Plus Sign

Choose your design — or create your own — and start playing once the Super Bowl begins… or at the first commercial break really.

Have fun and enjoy your bingo party!