Texas - Lone Star State flag

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If you’ve been to my blog before, you most likely know I’m from Texas. Born and raised. If there is one thing most definitely true about the state of Texas, it’s that we are a prideful state. When they say “everything’s bigger in Texas,” they are no doubt referring to the pride Texans have as well. And although Colby and I often talk about moving to another state, we will most likely never leave.

Texas - Lone Star State flag

Big and Bright in Texas

Texas even has more songs about it than any other state. Sing with me, “The stars at night, are big and bright — deep in the heart of Texas.” Seriously, non-Texans have plenty of stereotypes about those of us that live in the state. Now, I, for one, hate being generalized to fit into any mold. Although we are all from the same state, I can assure you were are all incredibly different people. From politics to religion to lifestyle choices, you can find a nice mixture of everything and anything within the borders of our incredibly large state. Speaking of, the landmass of our state itself gives way to some pretty amazing opportunities and holds a few of my favorite things about being from Texas.

Ozarka drinking water

Home Grown

Not only will you find that many Texans are home-grown, but many of the everyday items we use are as well. From the farmlands to natural springs, the Lone Star State is full of natural resources for keeping us fed, hydrated and refreshed. For example, Ozarka® Brand Natural Spring Water comes exclusively from springs all within 100 miles of each other in East Texas. If you are not lucky enough to live in Texas, or one of its neighboring states, you’re missing out on the delicious naturally filtered from the spring taste.

summer in Texas

Two Seasons

Although some people may appreciate the idea of having four distinct seasons, we typically have two. Summer and not-summer. We don’t own winter coats. There is no need for them here. Umbrellas are silly because they simply can’t hold up to our spring storms. Snowshoes, chains for tires, show plows and anything else related to the white powder is non-existent in Texas. We get black ice. Personally, I love the summer and wish it was the only season we had.

Texas Tex-Mex food - cheese enchiladas


You simply cannot go to a Mexican restaurant outside of Texas and expect the savory flavors you will find here. Cheese enchiladas with chili con carne outside of our border state is not happening. I know. I have tried across the United States. That “enchilada sauce” has no place in our kitchen and is just… no. Fajitas, street tacos, and menudo. If you want to know how these should taste, come to Tejas.

Texas scenery

Little Bit of Everything

With 268,820 mi² of land mass, we have a little bit of everything when it comes to landscapes and scenery. If you want gulf shores, mountains, forested hill country or barren plains, we have them. Take a road trip around our great state and get a view of all that “The Jumbo State” really has to offer. Be sure to pack plenty of Ozarka water and snacks, it will take you a good day or two to cover it all. What’s more, Ozarka helps preserve the natural beauty of Texas by sustainably managing its spring sites in the Lone Star State. Check out the video for more:

Again, Texas is known for its pride and, as you can tell, I am not immune to that egoism. And no matter where my travels may take me, I will forever be a Texan. Just as the Ozarka® brand has been a part of Texas history for more than 100 years, my roots are deeply planted here and it’s definitely part of who I am.

What does being from Texas mean to you?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Ozarka® Brand 100% Natural Spring Water. The opinions and text are all mine.

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