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Raise your hand if you have posted one of the millions of selfies posted over just the past year. Millions! The selfie craze is here and I am sure it will stick around. After all, it did just become an official word in the dictionary!

selfiesel·fie (noun) a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website

Better Way to Take a Selfie

Now, how many of you love taking selfies… but hate having that one arm outstretched in every picture? I have a solution! iLuv has just introduced a new, better way to take a selfie! The selfy™. Perfectly named don’t you think? And it makes the process of taking your own picture so easy!

iLuv Selfy

The selfy™ ecosystem features the “world’s first Apple iPhone 5/5s and Samsung GALAXY S5 cases” that also includes a built-in wireless camera shutter. The remote is seamlessly integrated into the case so that you always have it on hand. It pairs to the device through Bluetooth® and there is no additional app needed. Simply set up your phone, grab the remote, get into selfie position, and push the remote button. Done.

iLuv selfy for better selfies

No outstretched arms. No faces cut out of the picture. You have better control over the overall end product and no shaky, extended arms anywhere around. Not to mention, the case itself offers a dual-layer, shock-absorbent design to protect the phone from everyday wear and tear, including drops and bumps. Practical and useful!

take a better selfie

Here are a few other tips to take a better selfie:

  1. Make your face look slimmer by shooting  slightly from above.
  2. Turn a shoulder towards the camera and extend your neck a little to get rid of any evidence of a “second chin.”
  3. Try to use natural light when possible.
  4. Consider your background. No bathroom selfies.
  5. Add a filter. Enhancing your features or surroundings with a filter is perfectly acceptable.
  6. Have fun! Be yourself and start clicking that remote button!

What better ways have you found to take a selfie?

The selfy ecosystem also features a variety of accessories to make capturing your favorite moments even easier. When the selfy remote is out of the case, one of four accessories easily slides in to take its place:

  • Mini Tripod
  • Bar Mount
  • Helmet Mount
  • Car Mount

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