Nikon experts at Best Buy

If you have been looking to improve your photography skills — and have a Best Buy — near you I may have the perfect solution! Did you know that some Best Buy locations offer a complimentary photography skills class? Colby and I attended one this past Saturday and learned so much about our cameras!

Best Buy photography class

Best Buy Camera Experience

During a two-hour class on Saturday morning, I learned more about my Nikon DSLR than I have in all of the other photography classes I have ever attended. Not even kidding. I even spent an entire week on a cruise last year just to learn more about my camera and styling techniques. Whereas I learned a lot about how to frame subjects and lay props on a table, I didn’t learn how to properly use all of the functions of my camera. At the Best Buy Camera Experience, I did!

Nikon experts at Best Buy

In addition to one main instructor leading the class, there were four other camera experts available to assist in learning about our particular camera. I brought my Nikon and Colby brought the mirrorless Samsung NX500 we use when traveling. Nevertheless, we learned how to shoot in both Shutter and Aperture priority with both cameras. Why? Because there was an expert there for both of them.

King Kong - Aperture bokeh exercise

By the way, shooting in Aperture is now my absolute favorite. Oh my goodness it’s amazing! How did no one ever tell me about this before?! I took far too many pictures of everything in the camera department as well as random people and objects in the store that morning. As the Nikon expert on hand gave me examples of when to use it and which settings to use, I was off looking for a way to test it out. I may have fallen in love with my DSLR all over again.

complimentary photography class Best Buy

Not only was every member of the Best Buy staff friendly and knowledgeable, but the class itself was easy to follow and completely free. In fact, we walked out with two coupons and a photography tips book… as well as the wisdom needed to step up our photo taking skills.

photography lighting workshop

You can sign up for the next class and get more details at