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Are you wishing for a new camera this Christmas? Now, are you going to know how to use that new camera once you unwrap it? Whether you just need a few tips or want to learn all there is to know, Best Buy Camera Experience Shop can help you capture the perfect photo! Best of all, the classes are FREE!

Best Buy Camera Experience

Best Buy Camera Experience

Colby and I attended a class earlier this year and learned a lot about improving our photography skills. This past weekend, we attended another class and it was focused on Holiday Card Photos. Each month, the free photography class focuses on a new, relevant topic. From graduation to Halloween, they aim to help you learn how to properly use your camera for any situation. In January, they already know many people have a camera on their wish list, so the topic will be “Learn Your New Camera.” This is perfect for beginners — as well as those like me who simply want to get off “manual” shooting already!

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No matter the type of camera you own — Nikon, Canon, Mirrorless, etc — Best Buy has an expert on hand to help you master your camera. After a short classroom-type of presentation, the group breaks into groups based on the type of camera they own. This allows each student to have direct access to the expert familiar with their particular make of camera. Plus, perhaps even more exciting, they often have lenses and other accessories for you to try! You can experience how much more your camera can do when you understand its functions and use it to its full capabilities.

Nikon camera display Best Buy

During this class, we focused on three basic creative elements:

  1. Subject — get close and fill the frame with your subject
  2. Light — leverage natural light when available and learn to operate your shutter
  3. Background — choose a clean, uncluttered background that does not distract from your picture

Since many people enjoy taking outdoor photos for their holiday cards, the Best Buy Camera Experience team even shared a recipe for making Outdoor Portraits:


  • 35mm to 200mm lens
  • Portrait Scene Mode or Aperture Priority Mode
  • appropriate aperture to cover subjects and background
  • reflector (optional)
  • tripod (optional), unless you want to be IN the picture!


Choose a location that best suit’s your needs based on theme, personality, or overall feel of photo. Make sure the background is not too distracting and does not take away from your subject(s). Try experimenting with different poses, angles, and lighting to add interest to your photos. Have fun with it and create a magical holiday photo card to send out to family and friends!

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The Best Buy Camera Experience is available the first Saturday of the Month at select Best Buy® stores (including 3 in the Dallas area). Find one near you and get signed up today!