Being chosen as an HP #PinTheHalls Ambassador certainly helped to make my season bright. Not only was I able to discover some cute printable holiday crafts and home decor items, but it has also inspired me to do more with my small business. Yes, and by small business I do mean my blog.

HP #PintheHalls

Being Productive

I was working on a laptop out of the corner of my bedroom until recently. Actually the shelving units I had in my bedroom came crashing down one day while I was doing a job interview on the phone. Therefore, after watching my brand new HP All-in-One escape with just a few scratches, I was more than inspired to move into a dedicated office space. The new desktop challenged me to want to push myself further in business and I am being productive more than ever before.

being productive

I have discovered great new apps such as SkyDrive. This one app alone helps me easily transfer files from either my Android or my iPhone straight to my desktop. If I need pictures for a post that I took while out and about using my phone, I can pull up the app on my phone, move the file over, and… BOOM! It’s on my computer and ready for transferring to a file where I can then pull into my picture editor.  Along with all the candid shots my family likes to take of themselves on my computer.


And even though Fresh Paint is my children’s favorite tool, I was able to find a terrific use for it. I wanted to try my hand at drawing… it simply confirmed that I am NO artist… but it was fun to try something new. In fact, I drew a great little stick man that has become the logo over at my husband’s new blog for the time being. I think it’s cute enough for now and my husband does not mind it all. That was my only attempt thus far… my children enjoy drawing on it much more than I.

dodd logo

Staying Connected

Since we do not really have family far away, we work on staying connected simply within the walls of our home. I remind my kids often that they must foster relationships here first before they can be good at them outside our house. Thus, we have been having a great time… as a family… with the HP ENVY 20. For example, the HP Portable Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for playing music through the house. We enjoy listening to Slacker Radio as we clean, work, eat, and play. We have been known to break out into an impromptu dance party on more than one occasion.

HP bluetooth speaker

Plus, with the HP Creative Studio, as well as Snapfish’s amazing photo books, we were able to capture some fabulous family memories over the holidays… and then put together a book to keep forever. The Snapfish site is a breeze to work through and the photo books you can create are fabulous! Not to mention  it was a great source for adding to our Holiday Gift Suggestion Pinterest board. I cannot wait to see our 2012 in Review book.

Collectively, the #PinTheHalls program has united us even more as we hover around the bits and pieces of corresponding technology and learn together. Even though it is often my kids teaching me a thing or two with Windows 8, there have also been teachable moments for me to show them as well. In fact, I even used something other than Windows MovieMaker to edit the video below just so I could learn something new. The CyberLink Media Suite took me a few minutes to sort through but then was easy to use. I was able to edit a few pieces of my video, add a title and disclosure slide, plus upload my video straight to YouTube. Not bad considering I am still very much learning all that this HP desktop can do for me!

How are you going to stay connected in 2013? What helps you become more productive?

Disclosure: I received the aforementioned products as a participant in the Pin the Halls program on behalf of HP and Snapfish. No other compensation was given. Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own.

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