Before I Turn 40 Bucket List… or Some time in my Lifetime

For many, a new year means new resolutions. Well, I do not make resolutions. I feel as though I set myself up for failure if I do. Instead, I simply set goals. I then press on towards those goals as often as I can, as hard as I can. Yes, sometimes I may come up short… but at least I tried.

This year, in August, I turn 40. Now, honestly, age has no relevance on me. It is just another day. Another number.

But, the number is a milestone one.

So, I would like to do a few things in before I turn 40 this year… or at least before the year ends. Some goals are personal whereas others are more professional. Quite honestly though, they both blend together in my world. So, let’s get started on this list.

Mykonos, Greece

10 Bucket List Things to do Before I Turn 40

  1. Norway. I know. It sounds like a random place to want to go sometimes when I think about it. But, I have a friend over there that speaks very highly of it. Seeing Disney’s Frozen recently only fed my desire to go. I know this Southern girl will freeze her booty off, but I think it will be worth it. This also ties into my #2. (August 2024)
  2. See the Northern Lights. Is there really any question as to why? They are beautiful, mystical, amazing. Period.
  3. Take my husband to New York City. I have been a handful of times and he never has. I can try to explain the allure it has on me but he will never understand until he experiences it himself. (Family road trip to NYC – July 2015)
  4. Lose 30 pounds. Apparently, my metabolism IS feeling my age. It has not been nice to me over the past year. Looks like I am actually going to have to get my booty moving in order to start losing a bit of weight. I can do it! (This fluctuates)
  5. Get published. As in, write an article/blog post that gets published in a print magazine. I have written an online post for… but I really want to be in print. (DONE! I had a post published in iBlog Magazine in September 2015).
  6. Write a book. While I am at it, I really want to write a book. I have wanted to publish a book since I was a child. Not sure what type of book just yet. But this is definitely staying on my list until it gets done.
  7. Go on a cruise. Okay. This should be fairly easy. I won a cruise at a conference this past March. I just need to get it on the calendar! The biggest thing is simply making sure the whole family can go. (August 2014, January 2015 and May 2015)
  8. Have 1 video go viral. But, not just any video. A video of my girls doing what they dream of doing. Whether it be singing, dancing, or just being goofy. They just want to have one fun video on YouTube that people will like and Ellen will notice. Ha! (October 19, 2019 and October 21, 2019)
  9. Fly with Colby. Yes. Isn’t that crazy? In our 22+ years together, we have never flown together. Ever. We have gone on separate trips, but are looking forward to our first flight together NEXT month! Yay! (Repeatedly. Like all the time. Just had to put it out there!)
  10. Start my own company. I know I have this blog as a business, but I really want to branch out with it and take it a bit further. Colby and I have several ideas, we just need to put those plans into action. (We officially became an LLC in 2015!)

As I make this list I realize I want to do A LOT of things before August. Ummm… if I was rich that would be easy. Alas, I am not. So, let’s stick to 10 things before I am 40 and 30 more to do in my lifetime as I can. That seems a lot more doable I think. Go to the next page to see the other 30!

interactive dolphin experience

30 Things to do Sometime in My Lifetime

  1. Take the family to Disney World. We actually got to go one time. For one day. One park. And it rained the whole time. I was pregnant with baby #5 and we did everything we could at that one park in the rain. The kids didn’t complain and we made the most of it. I would love to go back and actually spend more time there and visit all of the parks. (May 2015 – Disney Social Media Moms)
  2. Take a Mission Trip. I have always wanted to go on one but was either pregnant, nursing, or had littles at home. I think my kids are grown enough that I could actually do it now.
  3. Drive from coast-to-coast. I love road trips and it would be amazing to drive from one coast to the other exploring our great country with my family.
  4. Sleep in an igloo. Or at least walk inside one for like 5 minutes. It just looks like an incredible thing to do.
  5. Learn how to dance. It’s true. I have 2 left feet. The sad part? So does Colby. We are a sad, sad sight on the dance floor I tell ya.
  6. Ride a train. I mean, we have done a small 20 minute vintage railroad thing, but I would love to ride one across the state or something. Sounds fun!
  7. Sit in a hot spring. I have heard they are relaxing and would love to give it a try.
  8. Stay in the Poconos in one of those hotel rooms with a champagne glass tub. Okay, I may have looked at one too many bridal magazines when we were engaged, but this has been a dream for over 20 years. Just once.
  9. Learn Spanish. I know the basics but want to be fluent. Why oh why did my dad choose not to teach us this as children? Still determined.
  10. Be in Ellen’s audience. Well, this is actually for my 10 year old. It is her dream. Unfortunately, unless we can get her ON the show (like with #8 above) we have to wait until she is 14 to sit in the audience.
  11. Buy a house. Yep. I just want a house we can call our own after we are done being nomads. (March 2017)
  12. Live in an RV for a year. Speaking of nomads, this is just something we want to try. Let the girls explore the country and learn by simply seeing it all.
  13. Swim with dolphins. Almost sounds cliche but I am keeping it on my list! (August 2014)
  14. Visit (at least) all 48 of the contiguous states. I think I have 25 currently (January 2016) have 35 marked off my list already. Hoping to knock them all of the list in 2016!
  15. Kiss behind a waterfall. It’s the romantic in me. The ultimate romance book cover, right?
  16. Refinish a piece of furniture. I have a crazy love for wood because of my dad. I love DIY projects but have yet to take one on. (We did it! While revamping the girls’ schoolroom, we refinished two desks for them).
  17. Plant a garden… and actually eat from it.
  18. Travel to Europe (other than Norway)… as well as Australia (April 2023). Get out there and “test the international waters.” (May 2022)
  19. Speak at a conference. This is perhaps the most far fetched for me. Public speaking is not my thing but I have a desire to do so just one time. (I was asked to speak at Hispanicize’15 in Miami and it went great!)
  20. Take a historic tour of the original 13 colonies. I am a history buff. Enough said.
  21. Give blood. It seems that every opportunity that came up I was somehow or another not eligible. I want to do this!
  22. Build a house with Habitat for Humanity. Because why not?! I love these types of community projects.
  23. Write a song. I don’t know. It’s been another one of those life-long dreams.
  24. Make a piece of jewelry. I buy the stuff but never do it. I just need to do it already.
  25. Get another tattoo. I really want to commemorate the baby that we lost over 5 years ago… plus get the girls’ names added since I already have the older two. (March 2018)
  26. Teach an online course. I enjoy helping others and figure this would be an easy way to teach several people at once. (Course here)
  27. Write my autobiography. Although I am not sure it would be very entertaining. Perhaps the story of Colby and I instead?
  28. Get contacts. I simply think the time is coming. (2022)
  29. Be debt free. Completely. Period.
  30. Stay in a glass hut over the ocean. It looks like an unforgettable vacation experience.

Whew! Okay. 40 things on my bucket list. 40 ideas, adventures, goals to achieve. No pressure. Just do what I can when I can.

What is on your bucket list?

I can always add more to mine simply because I can. I would love to hear more ideas. The world is full of possibilities and I want to discover as many as I can.