Be More Like Yourself and Less Like Everyone Else

Each time my girls create a piece of custom clothing with The Patchery, they seem to come a little more into their own. As tweens, it’s often challenging to navigate the changes and growth you are experiencing. Being able to fully believe in yourself gives you more opportunity to achieve all you set your mind to.

Be More Like Yourself and Less Like Everyone Else

Be More Like Yourself

When our personalized order from The Patchery arrived this month, Jaci ran out to grab the package and then ripped it open. She knew it would be coming soon and was (impatiently) awaiting it’s arrival. When she opened the carefully packaged bag to pull out her newly designed shirt, she found this great quote inside: “Be more like yourself and less like everyone else.”

be uniquely you

She absolutely loved the way the quote made her feel — especially combined with her custom designed tee shirt. Each item Jaci creates with The Patchery is crafted with extreme care. She sifts through every fabric collection and takes note of the possible combinations. With the user-friendly creator, she clicks and picks, clicks and picks some more. Back and forth she goes looking for the perfect mix of patterns and colors.

With her dream of being a fashion designer, Jaci is completely engulfed in her element while on the site. Once she finds “the look” she loves, we send it off to be hand-crafted with care. Upon arrival, she jumps and squeals once she finally lays eyes on her finished product. Each and every time she goes through the same process. And with every creation, she finds that she becomes more like herself. She finds out more about her own unique style and the things she prefers most.

The Patchery custom designed tee shirt

The Patchery has given Jaci a sense of independence and the ability to celebrate the things that make her unique. Through the customized pieces she creates, she feels more empowered and motivated to continue on her path to fashion designing. To continue to find ways to be more like herself… and less like everyone else.

The Patchery encourages individuality

What motivates you to be more like yourself?

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