bath time fun with Elmo

Have you noticed how quickly children grow? It seems that in a blink of eye, you turn around and your baby is grown. JOHNSON’S® helps us enjoy those moments and remember that every touch, every hug, and smile.

bath time fun with Elmo

Bathtime Memories

I still flashback to bath time with my babies when I smell Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and Conditioner. After all, it is through your loving touch that you soothe your babies, delight them, and nurture their constantly developing mind. The power of your touch during this time is crucial to your baby.

baby bath time

Bath time was, and still is, an important bonding time in our home. Even now, using Johnson’s gentle products, we create games to make baths more fun. A little shampoo and it’s time for fun hairstyles and silly bubble beards. Not to mention, the kids get clean and everyone has a good time.

Johnson's baby shampoo

Even at 5 years old, our youngest daughter still loves her coveted bath routine. The sweet aroma of Johnson’s soothes and comforts her as she winds down for the day. Just as it has for her older siblings, Johnson’s evokes memories of fun, loving times in the tub. After all, no one said bath time had to be boring.

Finding the simple things that make them happy are often the big things in the end. Thanks to Johnson’s baby products, our bath routine is easy and ideal for creating memories to last a lifetime. Learn more about the full line of JOHNSON’S® baby products to make your baby’s bath time memorable!

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