Balance Bike for Children from Joovy

Honestly, I had never really seen a balance bike for children. When I was introduced to them by Joovy I became quite intrigued. The idea behind training wheels always seemed a bit strange to me… especially since the bike typically leans to one side. My daughter spends her time pedaling while her bike is leaning to one side on training wheels. Therefore, when I saw the Bicycoo I was excited to let the girls give it a whirl!

Balance Bike for Children

Balance Bike for Children

This aluminum-framed bike is great looking! My toddler could not wait to climb on. Daddy could not get it put together fast enough for her. After giving him just a little time {like seriously under 5 minutes} the assembly was done and she was ready to go! Luckily it was a great day outside because once she figured it out she took off on that balance bike. With the refillable air-filled tires and lightweight frame, she had a smooth ride down the sidewalk and was able to go with ease.

Balance Bike from Joovy

Colby’s first response? “Umm… where are the pedals?” I had to explain the concept behind the balance bike. By straddling the seat and scooting along, the child is learning balance and growing confidence as the go. There is no need for training wheels. They feel empowered since they are able to simply hop on their bike and go. Joeli was able to ride along and feel like a big girl with her older sisters. The older girls were jealous of how cool the Bicycoo was!

Colby’s next question: “Why is there a hand brake for the rear tire?” Good question! Luckily it was easily explained to me by Joovy… because as they learn balance, kids should also learn the idea behind the hand brake. It is considered a learning tool to practice with for later use. Although Joeli has not learned how to use the hand brake, I know she will over time. Therefore, when she is ready to tackle a “big girl” bike she will already know what the hand brake is and will be all set to take off and go!

Hand Brake for the Rear Tire

Joeli was down the sidewalk and scooting along as it came naturally to her to do so. As fast as her little feet would take her she was cruising along with her sisters once she got the hang of it. There were no falls and she had a great time. I would recommend the Bicycoo for any parent looking for an alternative to training wheels on a bike. With its adjustable seat and maximum weight of 55 pounds it can be used for a variety of ages. It comes in red, black, and white and is perfect for both girls and boys.

Balance Bike from Joovy

Joovy is a Dallas-based family business. Their goal is to “design and manufacture family gear products that are extremely useful, practical, good-looking and fun.” After speaking with a member of the family, you can hear the excitement in her voice about the products and the passion for what they do. Joovy believes their customers come first.

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