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I don’t know about where you are, but here in Texas the summers can get pretty hot. That means that spending long hours outside during the dog days of summer can get unbearable when the temperature reaches the triple digits. Finding a way to keep cool can be challenging. But I don’t think the girls are going to have that problem this year. We created a Backyard Ocean Oasis for them to enjoy with their friends.

float to fill pool

Backyard Ocean Oasis

Our youngest daughter is quite the little fish. When you get her in the water it is often hard to get her out. Now, with a terrific 8′ x 30″ Float to Fill™ Ring Pool, she can swim and swim in a pool just her size. Plus, she is even willing to share with her sisters who jump in and enjoy the pool games from time to time. After all, it’s always  more fun with friends.

backyard pool basketball

But, the pool isn’t the only way they can keep cool. Since the older girls enjoy sports, we were also able to get the Floating Basketball, Volleyball and Water Polo Set. The kids can stay cool as they splash in the water and enjoy a little sports action. There is enough space to set the volleyball set inside the pool, bend down to keep wet, and then volley back and forth for a little fun. Great practice for the sand later.

interactive kid pool

While the big kids play ball in the pool, there is always the Interactive Castle Inflatable Play Pool to keep the smaller kids entertained. Being able to watch the dragon roar and spit fire from its mouth, knowing you can control the action, means simple enjoyment. And when it says “interactive” it really means it. In addition to the dragon, there is also an inflatable ring toss and other water spray features that the kids love. More ways to get wet and cool off this summer.

backyard swimming

Just by setting up the Backyard Poolapalooza for the girls we were inspired to create our own outdoor space. It was just the motivation we needed to do something with our empty backyard.

DIY Outdoor Bench

We even created a DIY outdoor bench and complete coastal living retreat on our patio so that we could relax and watch them as they swim.

How are you inspired to create your own Backyard Ocean Oasis?

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