back to school shopping tips with Sears
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I enjoy working with Sears and am bringing you great tips and shopping ideas throughout the year.

It is back to school season and time to discuss all that may entail. From school clothes, shoes, bags, supplies, lunches, and more, this is a busy season for parents and kid alike. 

There is plenty of shopping to be done as the family gears up to head back to the classroom.

back to school shopping tips with Sears

Back to School Shopping Tips

I am sure each family dynamic is different. After all, there are several ages, school situations, and personalities to think about.

We have done both public school and homeschool. Private co-ops. Day care. Worked in and out of the home.

Each circumstance means different ways to handle the back to school season.

Alas, there are a handful of back to school tips that we have found useful in most of them.

  1. Have a budget. This is always my number one tip. No need to spend more than you have. Being informed helps you stay on top of smart spending. Plus, you can earn reward points that you can then use later. Think Christmas!
  2. Shop early. I know that there are sales the closer you get to the back to school season, but pick up supplies and other things when you see them during the summer as well.

    Shop for clothes closer to the start of the school year because you never know how much the kids will grow during the summer. Our son grew 5 inches one summer! Plus, the trends change and you want your kids to look great as they head back!
  3. Shop Online. Whereas this may not be for everyone, I love it! No crowds. Super convenient. We can browse entire collections faster. Plus, many stores now offer free store pick-up so there are no shipping costs involved. Wow! Super easy, right?!
  4. Shop strategically. After you have done your research and made your lists (see tip #1), use your time wisely as you hit the stores.

    Take inventory of supplies you may already have, special clothes or shoes needed for the year, types of bags or binders necessary, and have a plan.
  5. Watch for sales. As I mentioned, the sales will come as the end of the summer nears. This can mean more savings in your pocket.

What are your best back to school shopping tips?

Give your child the confidence a new look can offer a them on the first day of school – and every day after.