Cherokee at Target for back to school 2015
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We only have a few short weeks left before school starts. And even though we homeschool, that first day back to school is still a day full of photos and fun!

Not to mention, the girls love shopping for new school clothes for their activities outside the home.

Target is one of their favorite places to shop. The selection is fabulous and we can shop for all of them in one place.

back to school photo ideas

Back-to-School Photo Ideas

Speaking of back to school photos, with our middle two girls growing out of that “little girl” phase and into tweens, I really want to capture their personality this year.

They are both sassy and full of spunk… but in their own ways. Therefore, not only does Target let them show their own style through great brands, such as Stevies shoes, but they can get more at affordable prices for me.

Stevies at Target for back to school

Our pictures this year needed to be full of spunk and scholarly trends. Well, at least a little bit of the latter. Take a look at the fun we had!

walking back to school outfit

Candid Moments

I can pose the kids in all sorts of different ways, but often times, my most favorite shots are the candid moments. This one just loves her new outfit.

She grabbed a backpack and was off down the street to show it off. By the way, these Stevies Fashion Boots are definitely made for walking.

Target back to school 2015 - Cherokee and Stevies


Nothing says “studious” like a stack of books, right? Grab a few from your collection and stack them up. Open them up and see what happens when you start shooting.

Cherokee at Target for back to school 2015

Best Friends

Even when you “do school” with your siblings, you still find that best friends are everything… they just may be related.

So grab your child’s best friend, or group of friends, and capture some fun moments together. They will love seeing them later!

Target tween back to school selection 2015

Show Personality

See that smirk? Oh, if you only knew the story behind all of it. From the Stevies High Top Sneakers she picked out to her dark wash jeggings and Raglan sleeve shirt, you can see her tomboy style flowing through.

Target has styles, for boys and girls, to fit each of their personalities so they can be unique to who they are.

Target school clothes for fall 2015

Capture Details

As they grow, so will their taste in clothes and accessories. Capture the details, therefore savoring those little things that can be fun to recall later.

For example, Jaci is obsessed with Paris. This C’est la Vie Graphic Tee fits her perfectly and shows her obsession with the country.

head back to school with Target

Get Excited

No matter where your child attends school, there is likely some sort of excitement in getting back to learning. Snap a picture that captivates that excitement and show them halfway through the year! They might need a reminder by then.

Target wants to be your back to school headquarters with plenty of inspiration and fun while you shop. Get all your school needs in one place with little effort as “easy as 1-2-3!