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Watching your daughter blossom into a young lady is often bittersweet. She begins to truly carve her own place in the world and make her own decisions in life. Jaden, our middle daughter, is entering the 7th grade and will soon be a full-blown teenager! Being able to have any quality time with her is essential to our mother/daughter relationship!

back to school glasses shopping

Back to School Bonding

With the back-to-school shopping season in full swing, it gave she and I the opportunity to get a bit of bonding time in. We are the only two (still at home) that wear glasses. Colby and the younger two girls don’t need eyewear (yet), so Jaden and I visited our local JCPenney Optical to order new glasses. We both had our eyes checked last month and needed to fill our prescriptions, so it was perfect timing.

JCPenney Optical for kids

With JCPenney Optical’s Back to School Sale, kids can get one pair of glasses for $39.99 — plus get a free eyeglass protection plan. Looking at Jaden’s old glasses, I can easily say this is something she can definitely use. The scratches on her lenses proved that this alone was going to be a great value!

JCPenney Optical glasses for the family

Of course, for me, the 60% off 1 pair OR 2 pairs for $99.99 plus free no-line bifocals promotion, running through September 30th, also offered great savings. My Optometrist says I have the option to get the bifocals, but am not quite there yet. Therefore, I opted out and found the perfect square black frames with just a hint of light blue inside.

glasses for kids at JCPenney Optical

I knew they were the ones for me the minute I tried them on. The weight difference between them and my old glasses was unreal and I didn’t even bother trying another pair. I was sold! Jaden agreed that they looked great and I thought the more triangular pair with just a hint of purple she picked out were awesome! Of course, I think she tried on every frame in the kids’ section — twice!

bonding over glasses JCPenney Optical

They had a bit of personality that perfectly matched hers. The new shape and scratch-free lenses made a big difference in her appearance. In fact, I hate to admit it, but they made her look even more grown up. Admittedly, I also smiled when the Eye Tech looked at our prescriptions and mentioned that they were almost identical. I guess we are even more alike than Jaden likes to see sometimes. I know as far as I’m concerned, that’s not exactly a bad thing at all!

JCPenney Back to School Sale

Hurry into a JCPenney Optical near you to save big with the Back to School (for customers under 16) Sale before it ends on September 30, 2016!

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