Back to School Essentials
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Fruit of the Loom. Regardless, all opinions and experiences are 100% my own.

Are your children heading back to school soon? Or perhaps they are already back in the classroom. What are the back to school essentials you feel are must-haves for your children? I am sure we all have our own ideas… but this is what you will find on our shopping list.

Back to School Essentials

Back to School Essentials

Even though we will be homeschooling the younger girls this year, that does not mean we do not have to grab some supplies for our school days. Plus, with back to school sales, it is simply smart shopping to stock up on some items during that time.

  1. Clothes – Yes, although there are many days when we do not even change out of our pajamas, new clothes are still a must. When we do leave the house the kids need clothes that fit. And again, back to school deals make buying for 5 kids more affordable.
  2. Shoes – Just as quick as the kids outgrow clothes, the same rings true for shoes. Plus, they typically wear the shoes down even more because they are constantly on the go and the shoes take a beating.
  3. Socks and Undies – Along the same line as both shoes and clothes, underwear is another one of those essentials that you can find great deals on when it is back to school season. For example, Fruit of the Loom has bonus packaging for back to school that includes 3 free garments with their “Underwear for Overachievers” program. Score! Fruit of the Loom
  4. Backpacks – Even though we do not send the girls off to school, they still need to keep their school books and supplies organized. Plus, with my 2 college kids, they need to keep up with all of their textbooks and a place to carry their laptop. A good backpack is important to have.
  5. Water Bottle – Perhaps not an essential for some, but several of our schools request them. I do not think it is a bad idea considering water should be consumed by the kids throughout the day. Therefore, even at home, the kids are each given their own reusable water bottle to carry and stay hydrated.

Fruit of the Loom

Each new school year is the opportunity at a fresh start for our children. Starting them out with everything they need to have a successful school year can really boost their confidence and point them in the right direction.