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There is one person in my life who allows me to be who I really am. Who loves me for the person I truly am. And who has, for over 25 years of my life, given me a reason to wake up each day. When I look at him, I feel as though I have the strength and passion to do anything. To me, Colby is more than my husband or the father of my children, he is forever and always my very best friend. When I talk about everything he is to me, I realize more about the person he has become.


AXE 2-Step Process to More Confidence

Considering Colby was 15 when we met, his personality, style and overall demeanor have changed over the course of our years together. Yet, underneath it all, his heart and soul have remained the same. If you ask Colby what inspires him to be the person he is, he will always say that I am his muse. Honestly, I feel like it’s his love for fatherhood. He wears it well and it fits him perfectly. Much of his confidence in who he is emerged when he embraced his role as, “Daddy.” But, that’s never meant he had to let his style fall to the side. In fact, he enjoys looking good when he walks out the door.


Perhaps the one feature he spends the most time on before leaving the house is his hair. Colby constantly frets about whether or not his hair looks the way he likes it. High and tight on the sides with a bit of a messy-yet-together look on top. Me? I get a kick out of watching the process because of how much dedication actually goes into achieving what actually looks like he ran his fingers through it and walked away.

AXE hair gel for men

Easily enough, it’s a 2-step process that can be achieved in under 10 minutes.

  1. Wash and condition. Using AXE 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner from Walmart, his hair not only look and feels great, but it smells amazing as well!
  2. Style. AXE Messy Look: Flexible Paste gives him that perfect “just out-of-bed look” with a bit of extra texture.

That’s it! Two steps and he’s done. No brush or comb needed. Meanwhile, I am still standing a sink over drying to get just my bangs to dry and do something. After applying AXE deodorant, he is out the door of the bathroom to spray himself with AXE Daily Fragrance and ready to go!


Once his hair is fixed, he says he has all the confidence he needs to face the day, even when our youngest insists he dress up for her superhero birthday party — Mr. Incredible “Dad-bod” and all. He looks incredible, smells even better, and feel fresh and clean. There’s not much more I can ask for as his wife in regards to looking fabulous! After all, he caught my eye 25+ years ago and still makes my heart skip a beat — even more so when he shows off his parenting skills!

You know best how to be you - Lukas Graham

How does your man find his confidence? 

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