Childhood Cancer Awareness

Awareness Saves Lives Every Day of the Year

{GUEST POST from a Dear Friend}

I realize September is almost over but Childhood Cancer Awareness does not end for my family when October rolls in. Since February 14, 2012, I am definitely aware of childhood cancer every single day.

Childhood Cancer Awareness

That was the day my Princess was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia and my world was turned upside down.

Awareness Saves Lives

It is hard to put into words the emotions that hit you when you hear “Your child has cancer.” You go from trembling & heartbroken to stone-cold disbelief to needing to know the plan NOW.

Then you cycle through again. And again. Oh, and again. Princess is now almost 8 months into treatment and the cycle continues. The worst days are when I hear about a little cancer warrior who has lost the fight.

On average, 7 children die each and every day of cancer. That statistic has not changed in the last year but my awareness of the impact that data has on real families has. I am aware that someone we have met at clinic, a fundraiser, the hospital, a “hero” event, or even just chatted with online will suffer that blow. I am aware that we may suffer that blow.

I Hate Cancer

CML is not a typical childhood cancer.

Actually, most CML patients are diagnosed in their late 60’s or early 70’s and generally live out the rest of their lives with few set-backs if they respond well to the drug therapies available to them.

That being said, Princess is responding well to the same drug therapy older patients receive but there is little hope the drug will keep her healthy for 60-70 years. She’ll need a bone marrow transplant in the future, the sooner the better.

Though she appears “healthy” right now, I am aware that my Princess has a battle ensuing, a BIG battle. I am aware that today 46 families will learn that their children are entering a battle against cancer.

I am also aware that there are research teams wanting to find cures for every single cancer on the planet (and there are a lot). In many instances, the only thing keeping these medical geniuses from helping the estimated 12,000 children who will be diagnosed with cancer in 2012 is funding.

How sad is that?

I am aware that I can make a difference.

Giving to organizations like St. Baldrick’s, Stand Up To Cancer, LLS, and Alex’s Lemonade Stand has a direct impact on how quickly new treatments and/or cures become available to those who need it. I am aware that no donation is too little.

Awareness saves lives. Lives can be saved any month of the year. I am hoping a praying for my Princess to win her battle and to see increased awareness lead to increased cures.

Childhood Cancer Awareness

Personal Note: This post hurt me to publish more so than others. Almost as bad as it did when I had to write about Caleb. Why? This is a friend of mine.

She and I were pregnant together.

Our babies are only weeks apart. Her daughter, her Princess, could very well be mine. God has an amazing testimony planned for this sweet Princess and her family.

PLEASE… consider making a decision to somehow jump in and raise both support and awareness for Childhood Cancer. Not just each September… but every day of the year. You may never know the impact you made.

You can follow along on her journey here: Princesses Get Cancer Too