Find Peace of Mind, Get Sleep Thanks to Arlo Baby

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Our youngest child is 7 years old. You would think that after 5 kids, Colby and I would be far past the stage of worrying about kids sleeping at night. Yet, with Joeli, we still feel the need to monitor her every move as she sleeps. You can imagine our mood when, within weeks of moving into our new house, the cord on our baby monitor went out. We were so used to being able to see and hear her upstairs in her bed every night, that sleeping without it was troublesome.

Find Peace of Mind, Get Sleep Thanks to Arlo Baby

Arlo Baby

Fortunately, we received the Arlo Baby through our partnership with Best Buy just in time! Considering we already use 8 Arlo cameras throughout our home, it made perfect sense to add the new all-in-one smart baby monitoring camera to our collection. We can easily monitor Joeli sleeping while also keeping an eye on other areas of our home through the Arlo app. Obsessed is hardly the word to describe how we are with the Arlo family. And now? The HD technology, Motion and Sound Alerts, 2-way Talk, and Air Sensors are more than enough to allow us to get sleep once again.

Arlo Baby from Best Buy

But that isn’t even all of the technology the Arlo Baby brings into the nursery or playroom, look at this full list of features:

  • Smart Music Player — Let soothing lullabies or white noise send your baby to sleep each night. You can even record your own voice and manage music playing remotely from your smartphone.
  • Baby Crying Alert — Not only can Arlo Baby alert you when a sound is detected, it will also tell you specifically if it is the sound of your baby crying.
  • Smart Multi-Colored Night Light — Pick your baby’s favorite from thousands of light colors, adjust brightness and warmth, without stepping foot into the baby’s room.
  • Advanced Night Vision — See your baby’s every move, even in total darkness. Near invisible infrared LED lights ensure baby’s sleep is distraction-free.

Plus, you might be wondering why we still need a “baby” monitor on our sleeping 7 year old. Well, Joeli has special needs and rarely has a good, full-night’s sleep. She awakens often and just needs reassurance that someone is home with her. The 2-Way Talk allows us to easily talk to her and comfort her from anywhere in the house. This means, we don’t need to go into the room, turn on lights, or disturb her environment. Just our voice is enough. Having the ability to talk to her this way has already helped alleviate some of those nighttime routines that involved us going in and out of her room, her asking for water, or finding an excuse to get out of bed and prolong her ability to drift off to sleep.

Arlo Baby live view

In fact, sometimes she just needs a little sound in the background to help her fall asleep or an extra light to soothe her back to sleep. Through Arlo Baby, we can now do all of that without, once again, disturbing her already calm environment. Getting her to sleep comfortably through the night means that not only Colby and I get a good night’s rest, but so do her sisters. Having the right monitor has helped us all have more peace of mind through the night… as well as improve our sleep.

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