Are your kids out of school for the summer? I know a few school districts around here are still in school for at least another week.  The two that I have in public school actually finished their school year today. It’s amuses me to some degree to watch the different reactions that the girls have towards the end of the school year. Perhaps it is because of the new school Princess will be attending next year {her Pre-K was housed in its own building} or maybe just because she enjoys being home, but our 5 year old was excited and ready for school to end. When we picked her up she said her good-byes, gave her teachers and best friend a hug, grabbed her stuff and we were out the door.

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Princess and her teachers

My JJ was a completely different story. Our journey with her since January has been quite a difficult one, and having a supportive, understanding teacher at school has made all the difference in the world. I couldn’t imagine how the year would have gone without the patience and love JJ’s teacher has shown. Through her torment and anxieties JJ has become very attached to her teacher. But, alas, her awesome 1st grade teacher has fallen victim to the statewide budget cuts in our public school systems.

JJ’s teacher, Mrs. L for short, will be moving to Houston in a month and JJ knows she will not be seeing her at school next year. This has her so deeply saddened. This morning as she was preparing for school she kept crying. Fortunately the breakfast party they had at school brightened her spirits and by the time SuperDad and I arrived to pick her up at the end of the day she was doing much better.

When it finally came down to time to go I told JJ to tell her friends good-bye and she ran over to her two best friends and hugged them gleefully. She stood up and said she was ready to go, and I told her to go tell Mrs. L good-bye. JJ was hesitant because she knew that it would most likely be her last time to do so. As she walked over and stood next to her teacher, Mrs. L reached over and gave her a big hug and assured her that we would keep in touch over Facebook. {Another reason I love Social Media}. I could see my baby trying to be strong, but it made me cry. Shoot, I am crying as I am typing. We became very attached to Mrs. L and will miss her greatly.

This was such a hard year for my JJ. I looked at her report card and her lowest grade was a 95 and she finished the year with a 98 average. All of this even after 2 week long hospital stays, 23 total days  absent this semester alone, countless doctor visits week after week, and emotional anguish no 7 year old should ever have to go through. I am so proud of how far she has come and how much further she is going to continue to go. Although we still struggle daily with some of the mental side effects of the journey, we know that we are on the path to recovery. Praying that the summer brings a refreshed spirit in all of us and we can begin the next school year renewed and revived.

Enjoy your summer!

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