With all the changes going on around here I decided it was also time to revamp my “team.” When I started this blog I wanted to make sure and keep my kiddos “safe” by at least maintaining secrecy in their real names. I did not want some crazy person hunting me down and recognizing one of my kids and calling them by name confusing their sense of trust. And from that was born my line up of Princesses and Prince W. But, with the younger three girls all having a “J” first name {which really wasn’t intentional but just how the name choices played out} it can get confusing when I am writing about them. Therefore, I asked the kids yesterday what sort of “alter ego/celebrity” name they have ever thought of for themselves so I could incorporate their names into the blog as my new review team. I thought that naming each one of them after the 7 dwarfs, making me Snow White, of course, would be fun, but my daughters wanted to be the princess and then everyone wanted to be Dopey. Clearly that was not going to work. Nevertheless, without further ado, I am introducing my new review team…

SuperDad, my amazing husband of almost 17 years, shall remain SuperDad.” I told him he was not going to change personas because that is exactly what he is to me. Well, I guess there could be a few other names he could go by but we are keeping the blog family-friendly!

Princess CJ, my dramatic, full of life, 15 year old has decided that Pepperfrom the movie [amazon_link id=”B001GAPC1K” target=”_blank” ]Iron Man (Ultimate Two-Disc Edition + BD Live) [Blu-ray][/amazon_link] shall be her alter ego name. Although I know I have “heard” the movie playing a few times in the background while I work, I must admit that I have never sat and watched the movie in its entirety. Nevertheless, I must go ahead and deem her “Pepper” from this point on. Oh, and with that I can go ahead and confirm that Prince N {her boyfriend for a little over a year now} will now be called Tony Spark.”

Next, Prince W, although content with being known simply as my 13 year old lone prince, shall be known as Jake.” Yep, that’s it. Nothing over-the-top or full of any sort of flair… just like my son. He says he just likes the name. So easy.

Our zealous middle child, 7 year old Princess JF, has decided upon JJ.” I do not know why, but this has become her favorite nickname for herself so I will go with it {we do not call her by it at home but some of her friends at school do}. In fact, none of us have a nickname {other than Mommy and Daddy} which is why I could not come up with ideas. Actually, SuperDad and I neither one grew up with a nickname so we do not use them much I guess. Ok, sorry, back to the introductions.

Princess JL is our most girly of girls even at the ripe young age of 5. Therefore, when I asked her for a name she said she liked Princess and did not want to change it. So, Princess JL shall remain simply “Princess” {the other girls were perfectly fine with this by the way}.

And, last, but certainly not least, is our unruly 20 month old, Princess JR. I typically call her “Snot” simply because she is one, but did not think that was a proper name for her. What to do? Well, due to my love for all things monkeys, maybe I should call her Monkey. After all, she is pretty clingy and climbs all over me. Plus there is her love of bananas… well, all food actually. Pig might work for her too? No, Monkey, her name shall now be Monkey!” Besides, she has always been my Chunky Monkey so the name is only fitting.

In summary then, here is my amazing review team:

SuperDad and I
SuperDad and I
Pepper & Tony Stark
Pepper & Tony Stark
My lone prince... Jake
My lone prince… Jake
Just “JJ”
My Princess
My “Princess”
My baby… “Monkey”