American Girl 2016 Wish List

It’s probably “dangerous” to walk into am American Girl store with Jaci, our 10 year old, and tell her to get “whatever” she wants. Okay, not PROBABLY… it just is. She LOVES American Girl and is my go-to gal when I need information about them. Therefore, I handed her the latest catalog and asked her what she would put on her wish list for 2016.

American Girl doll Dallas

American Girl

Jaci has a few American Girl dolls and is big on the accessories. She can’t wait to get the 2016 Girl of the Year – Lea Clark. But, in addition to Lea, she still has a few things on her wish list that she wanted me to share.

American Girl's 2016 Girl Of The Year Lea Clark

Kit’s Reporter Set

This authentic 1930s-style gear includes:

  • Accordion-style camera that really opens and closes
  • Pretend box of Kodak® film
  • Flip-top journal for taking notes
  • Red faux fountain pen
  • Fabric pouch to carry supplies
  • Bundle of mini replica 1930s Cincinnati newspapers
  • Set of five sticker-backed photos that show a girl’s-eye view of the Great Depression

Music & Movies Entertainment Set

Let the entertaining begin! Dolls can invite their friends over for movies, karaoke, music, and more. This set includes:

  • TV console with cabinet doors and storage shelves
  • Pretend LED-lit TV that sits on top of the console, with three transparent TV screens that slide inside for the dolls to view
  • Make-believe DVD player with two DVDs that can be inserted and ejected
  • TV remote that fits in the doll’s hand
  • Pretend microphone that dolls can hold for karaoke
  • Two cardstock bins with different patterns to customize the décor—a total of 16 possible pattern combinations
  • Doll-sized 3D glasses
  • Designer door inserts—floral pattern on one side, and mirrored with artwork on the other

Flip-Top Desk

Bring the classroom to life for girls who love to play school with their dolls! This set includes:

  • All-in-one desk with a bookshelf and attached chair—and the desk opens to reveal a clipboard to hold her school papers
  • Multiplication table, weekly schedule, and lunch menu
  • Chevron-print notebook with lined pages
  • Three loose-leaf papers and three sheets of graph paper
  • Starry folder with pockets
  • Pretend mechanical pencil
  • Green protractor
  • School-themed and alphabet stickers so your girl can personalize the desk for her doll

Lea’s Rainforest Hike Outfit & Accessories

Lea Clark will be ready for a day full of exploring the rainforest with this outfit—complete with hiking boots—and lots of practical accessories.

  • Tee with a watercolor butterfly design
  • Cropped cargo-style pants including belt with a green buckle
  • Headband
  • Colorful hiking boots
  • Sports watch
  • Hydration backpack with a pretend drinking tube, plus room for her hiking gear
  • Walking stick with a grip and wrist loop
  • Pretend binoculars that she can really hold, bottle of bug spray and snacks (acai bar and mango bar)
  • Rainforest butterfly guide

Lea’s Accessories

Lea’s adventures in Brazil have just begun! With this set, she’s ready for a world of new sights and experiences. The set includes:

  • Pretend camera that she can really hold, or hang around her neck by the removable woven strap
  • Braided headband
  • Four animal photos
  • 3-in-1 wish bracelet, featuring three ribbons with her wishes printed on them and a sea turtle charm
  • Her passport
  • Mini book about sea turtles

See what I mean? If I let her loose we would not have enough room in our house to hold it all. She already cleared out half of her closet and had us add shelves to act as “bedrooms” for each of her dolls. Jaci, like many others, has an obsession with American Girls dolls!

American Girl egift card

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