#AmazonWishList to eat healthy in college
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Having a child in college has been an interesting new adventure. One thing we have found recently to make it easier on us all is Amazon Wish List. You can literally add items to your Amazon Wish List with a simple tweet.

#AmazonWishList to eat healthy in college

Amazon Wish List

Our oldest daughter is perhaps most active on Twitter when it comes to social media. Therefore, this should be an easy way for her to add things to her Amazon Wish List for Christmas, right?! Colby and I even tested it out just to show her (and you) how easy it was. I tweeted about a cool new Amazon product we want for one of the girls. Colby replied to my tweet, which included the link to the product, and used the #AmazonWishList hashtag. @MyAmazon then tweeted back immediately.

#AmazonWishList tweets

Colby verified his account and had the tablet in his #AmazonWishList list in his account.

#AmazonWishList Wish List

See? So easy! Now we just have to get her to add a few things to her wish list and begin our shopping with Amazon. Of course, as her mom and a very practical gift giver, I also have my own ideas. There are a few household items that will make a nice care package this semester.

Brita back to college

In fact, I have a few tips for her and her roommates on how to eat healthy in college on a student’s budget:

  1. Drink plenty of water. After a pretty scary ER visit due to dehydration with my daughter a few years ago, I am adamant about reminding her of this. The 10 cup Brita water filtration pitcher is perfect. It has an easy-fill lid and she can easily pour it into a water bottle, cold and ready to go. This will help get to the recommended 8 glasses, or more, a day.
  2. Eat regular meals. Figure out your class (and work) schedule so you can properly build in time to eat. If necessary, have prepared meals on-the-go so that you are at least not skipping any mealtimes.
  3. Choose wisely when eating out. There are always healthy options available even when eating fast food. Order the salad, wrap, or lighter selections on the menu. Try to limit your fat intake and pick up half-orders when needed. Not to mention, use Clorox Disinfectant Wipes to keep viruses and bacteria away.
  4. Don’t stress eat! Exams, research papers, and an heavy workload can cause some to over eat. Find an alternative such as a shower, work out, brisk walk, or listening to music. Relax and take a breath before you grab that pint of ice cream!

What tips do you you to eat healthy in college?

#AmazonWishList instructions

#AmazonWishList Social Shopping Party

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