Teens Shopping Online at Amazon

Amazon Offers Parents an Easy Way to Manage Teens Shopping Online

Our girls have figured out how to get the things they want from their daddy. They know his weakness love language: acts of service.

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Therefore, they hop on Amazon, browse around to find what they want, add it to a wishlist, do chores for the cost of the item, and have Dad order it for them.

Which, in reality, isn’t so tough.

But, what if I told you Amazon now offers parents an easy way to manage teens’ shopping online?

Amazon app shopping with dad

Teens Shopping Online

Let’s be honest, in today’s society, online shopping is the way to go, and with Amazon Prime, you can have your order at your home at lightning speed—for free.

Everyone shops online at some point or another and teens are no exception. But, until now, the process above is how we have handled our teen’s shopping online.

Amazon has introduced a new way for teens to shop on their own while parents stay in the know.

An adult Amazon customer can add up to four teens ages 13-17 to their account for free.

Additionally, this program gives teens the freedom to explore Amazon from their own login.

Amazon gives Teens their own login

Benefits for Teens

Allowing teens to have their own Amazon login gives both parents and teens the flexibility and freedom to set spending limits that make sense for their family, plus:

  • It streamlines shopping with a parent – teens can log into the Amazon App anytime to place an order using a parent-approved credit card and parents can quickly review and agree to purchase it via text.
  • Product recommendations, order histories, and lists are now tailored specifically to the teen’s shopping history and interests.
  • Teens can exercise smart shopping decisions with access to Amazon customer reviews and comparison shopping tools. If they make a mistake, Amazon is there to help backed by our A to Z guarantee.
  • If parents are Prime members, they can enjoy Free Two-Day Shipping, stream thousands of popular TV shows and movies through Prime Video and access exclusive content and offers on video games through Twitch Prime.

Don’t worry, Parents, you have the ability to approve every item before it ships. Or, you can choose to skip the approval step and set spending limits, offering teens the freedom to place orders up to a certain dollar amount on their own.

Either way, parents will always receive itemized notifications for every order and can cancel and return any item in accordance with Amazon’s policies.

The parent-approved payment method and shipping addresses give the teens the ability to shop independently and stream digital content while still keeping their parents informed so they can course-correct them if needed.

It’s truly a win-win for parents and teens alike.

Teaching our teens independence is a big part of the growing process. Not to mention, we can help them learn to exercise smart shopping decisions thanks to Amazon!

My girls? One decided that she needed (another) phone case and a gallon of glue… because SLIME! The other? She wanted to hold onto her funds for Christmas. Oh, the difference between the two.

Sign your teens up today!

Signing up takes moments for both teens and parents. Teens can also send an invitation to their parents through either SMS or email.

The parent will choose a payment method and shipping addresses their teen can use when placing orders.

Once a teen receives an invitation, they create their own login username and password and then download the Amazon App to start shopping. To get started, parents can visit amazon.com/forteens.