Almost Back in the Game

Well … this is just a sampling of the medicines we’ve had the past few weeks. The children’s brands are missing … I think my son used them all. I know there is also at least one more missing that Super Dad takes to work with him still. plus, we went through at least two of each kind of medicine. Hence the reason the Motrin is still wrapped … it was our second bottle. Not to mention regular Tylenol for the older two and Super Dad’s fevers and headaches. It was down right crazy! Let’s see if I can recap each member’s illness:

Princess JF – fever (up to 104.5), vomiting, rash, aching legs, lethargic, sore throat, nosebleed – started on Tuesday, 1/19 and showed last signs of fever on Tuesday, 2/5 (still has remnants of rash)
Princess JL – fever (up to 103.6), lethargic, coughing, runny nose, ear infection, nosebleed- started on Friday, 2/1 and showed last signs of fever on Friday, 2/8
Super Dad – mid-grade fever, stomach ache, bad sore throat and cough, nosebleed, aches – started on Saturday, 2/2, missed 4 days of work, still has trouble with cough and laryngitis
Prince W – mid-grade fever, stomach ache, bad sore throat and cough, double ear infection – started on Saturday, 2/2 and showed last signs of illness of Saturday, 2/9
Drama Queen – low grade fever, bad sore throat and cough, headaches, lethargic – started on Friday, 2/8 … still on-going

So … we’re not completely out of the woods … but I think we are finally coming into a clearing! The doctor said it was a “viral infection” so there was no choice but to “wait it out.” There were some tense moments, especially with Princess JF, where I was ready to run her to the ER because I was so afraid she was dehydrating from the high fever … and the fact that she wouldn’t eat a thing! She repeatedly sipped on a glass of water, but at one point that even became too much for her to pick up! It was very exhausting … but I’m so glad it’s just about over! God must have hand His hands surrounding me, because even though I am with my kids 24/7 … (more than Super Dad) … I did not seem to catch the virus. I was worried because not knowing what type of virus it was, I could not be sure whether or not it would harm the baby if I was to catch it. I am so grateful that God allowed me to remain healthy for the duration to take care of my family!

As far as the pregnancy, I really haven’t even been able to think about it much the past two weeks, the good thing being that those two weeks flew by and now we only have 32 more to go! 🙂 I can tell you that I’ve had to resort to a bland diet within the past week, eating mostly white rice. Everything looks good, but once I eat it, I feel awful! I can’t stand the thought of raw meat, so Super Dad has been cooking dinner. Last night he made a great chicken fajita salad, and tonight it’s broccoli and cheese covered baked potatoes. Something simple … and bland. We all need to regain our strength from the events of the past two weeks, so poor Prince W is going to have to suffer through some veggies for the next week or so (he is our “steak and potatoes” child … and could care less about veggies). Also, everything in the house smells absolutely disgusting! The kids make pizza rolls for lunch and I want to get sick, Super Dad wanted onions in his salad and that made me sick, even our reed diffusers in the house we got for Christmas make me want to be ill! So, I think that’s why the bland diet works for me … I can’t handle the smell of the foods?! I don’t remember ever being this bad with any of the other 4 pregnancies … and hopefully it passes soon with the end of the first trimester approaching in about 4 weeks!!

BTW … have any of you ever dealt with ptyalism with pregnancy? It’s defined as an “excessive flow of saliva.” It drives me crazy! I have dealt with it with each pregnancy … and it doesn’t stop until delivery! I have hard candy constantly surrounding me, I try drinking small sips of water, sucking on ice chips, eating crackers, whatever I can to diminish the effects. If it wasn’t for this “disorder” I don’t think my nausea would be all day … nor as bad. My last doctor suggested some sort of garlic candy … but that sounded even more nauseating! With my oldest daughter, I carried a spit cup around … gross I know … but my doctor said to spit out as much as I could. Anyone have anything? Any suggestions? I have 32 more weeks of this to go … and it’s the worst part of my pregnancies … because it is a constant nuisance, all day, without ceasing! Oh wait, it doesn’t start until after I eat each morning. So, I hold off as long as possible … but a pregnant girl has gotta eat! Anything else? 🙂

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