8 Activities to Stimulate Your Infant’s Development

There are so many things we as parents can do to help our little ones learn about the world around them.

8 Activities to Stimulate Your Infant’s Development

Infant’s Development

Babyhood is a wonderful age where so much learning takes place.

What are some special things you as a parent can do to facilitate this process?

Talk to Your Baby

For a baby, there is nothing more soothing than the sound of their parent’s voice. Speaking to your baby is one of the greatest things you can do to promote learning and development in them.

It doesn’t matter so much what you say.

Talk about your day to your little one and explain what you are doing as they listen to you. This will stimulate learning and give them sounds to copy.

Let Your Baby See Your Face

Babies love to watch human faces. From doing this, they can learn about facial expressions and can get to know you.

Be sure to spend lots of time looking into your baby’s face while they look into yours. Smile often.

Human Touch

Touch is another necessity in regards to infant development. Infants are healthier in every way when held for significant amounts of time and when they have their touch needs met.

Cuddle your child and enjoy this time that will pass far too quickly.

Touching Objects

Your baby will enjoy touching a variety of new things. You can use toys specifically geared to infants, or objects you have around the house.

Hold your child’s hand to the object and describe how it feels.

Teach them the meaning of smooth, rough, cold, warm, and anything else you think of.

Seeing New Things

Your baby can learn much from viewing new things. Show your infant a variety of sights they may be interested in seeing.

There is plenty to learn at home, and when you are out as well. Point to the new things around you and encourage your baby to take time to view the world they live in.

Young infants are known to be especially fascinated with black and white patterns, so be sure to show these to your baby as well.


Music is one of the greatest ways to learn, for both young and old. Play your baby a variety of music.

A great genre of music for babies is classical, as it is known to stimulate infant learning in a positive way.

Sing to your baby; your little one doesn’t care whether you are talented or out of tune.

Tummy Time

Although it is not recommended to let an infant sleep on his stomach, tummy time is a great way to help your infant develop strength, while awake and for short periods of time.

This will eventually assist him in developing neck and back strength.

It can be as simple as laying your baby on your chest while he is young, and letting him lie on a blanket when he is a little older.

As soon as baby starts to fuss, bring tummy time to an end.

Give Security

All babies need to feel secure, and when they do, it helps them in every way. Comfort your baby as soon as he cries, and be with him as often as possible.

Babywearing is also a great way to give your infant feelings of security.

There are many ways you as a parent can stimulate your infant and help him grow healthy and strong.

Work these into your daily activities and see how fast your little one learns and develops.