Young Couple Moving In New Apartment

Actionable Moving Day Checklist – What to Remember on the Day of the Move

Moving house is a notoriously hectic experience. There are so many important things happening at the same time that it’s easy to feel a bit lost, potentially forgetting some critical parts of the process.

As with anything, one of the best ways to make sure you stay on top of things is to come up with a clear, actionable strategy—a plan of action.

To make your next move as successful as possible, check out our actionable moving day checklist.

Moving Boxes in an empty House

What are the key times and events?

Before you start the day, you need to check that you’ve got all the key times and events in mind.

That might mean double-checking when friends are coming over to help out, or ensuring that the driveway is clear for when your removals team from Kiwi Movers arrives. 

Having all of this information clearly laid out in front of you, whether on your phone or in a diary, can help you to organize things and make sure that you can be where you need to be at the right times.

Have you set aside some personal supplies?

The moving day will likely end up taking more time and energy than you expected, it’s just how these things go.

To prepare for this eventuality, it’s important that you set some important things aside. That could be warm clothing, a few snacks, or any medication that you need to take.

It’s worth keeping some painkillers to one side as well, and maybe even an energy drink—if you’re into that kind of thing.

Any other little comforts that you can think of are also crucial; they can help to transform a stressful experience into something far more manageable. 

Have you got the keys to your new home?

You’ll need to make sure that you have some core, practical items that you’ll need to take care of the move.

Perhaps most importantly, this includes the keys to the new house or apartment.

It’s surprising how many people struggle to get the keys to their new place on time, and this can end up having a knock-on effect that negatively affects the whole move.

Is your old home in the right condition?

If this will be the last time you’re in your old home, make sure that it’s completely empty.

For people who are concerned about getting their deposit back, it might also be necessary to make sure that everything is properly cleaned, and to take pictures to get evidence of the condition that you’re leaving the space in. 

If it looks like you won’t be able to get the place in the right condition in time, try not to stress out too much. See if you can do it the next day, or ask someone to help you out.

We recommend that you take these points listed above, and integrate them into your own, custom-made checklist.

Every move will have slightly different points that need to be remembered, and if you stick to a checklist you find online, you’ll likely find that some critical parts of the move are missing.

By taking a look at a variety of checklists, you can make sure that you’re able to come up with one that’s perfectly suited to your own move.