Let Aceable Make Parent Taught Drivers Ed Easier
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Are you currently facing the reality that you have a teenager who is ready to learn to drive? Are you also currently wondering if you’re ready to release said teenager out on the streets? I get it.

Let Aceable Make Parent Taught Drivers Ed Easier

Parent Taught Drivers Ed

We’ve released two so far. And now, we’re once again staring down the face of a 15-year old eager to get behind the wheel.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s always great having another driver in the house. After all, she is probably the reason we leave the house 5 times a week. Between her friends and ministry responsibilities at church, she keeps us constantly on the go.

Therefore, we’ll be a bit relieved once she can finally take herself places. We just have to teach her to drive first.

TX Parent Taught Drivers Ed online

Fortunately, with an easy to follow parent taught drivers ed course through
Aceable, we can have her licensed and behind the wheel with confidence. With Aceable, you can take complete, state-accredited, DMV-approved courses on your phone, tablet or the web.

Plus, it caters to teens through the use of memes, videos and animations. As they work their way through the self-paced course, they can get “bite-sized” nuggets of content, take game-like quizzes, and listen to a robot instructor.

Don’t worry though, it’s not all fun and games. Aceable also offers free student success tools, such as unlimited free practice tests and license checklists, to help students pass the DPS permit test.

TX Parent Taught Drivers Ed mobile app

Which, coincidentally, you can take inside the course without having to spend the day at the DPS!

Here are the seven steps required to complete parent taught drivers ed (in Texas) through Aceable:

  1. Order your parent taught drivers ed (PTDE) Packet
  2. Get Aceable and finish level 1
  3. Get your learner license at the Texas DPS
  4. Complete the remainder of the course and the in-car practice requirement
  5. Complete the Impact Texas Teen Drivers Program
  6. Get your provisional license at the DPS
  7. Start driving

I know. It’s not always one of my favorite parts of parenting… letting them fly. But, it’s time. Again. And this time I’m glad to know Aceable is helping make it a bit less painful for both of us.

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Aceable currently has state-approved courses available in CA, TX, OH, FL, NV, OK, PA, and GA.