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Over the past few months, I have been counting down the days in anticipation for the upcoming release of DreamWorks Pictures’ Need for Speed. Can you believe it is almost here! The movie hits theaters nationwide on March 14th… and I can assure you that it is one to see!

Need For Speed

Need for Speed

Last week Colby and I were lucky enough to attend a screener of Need for Speed. And although that review will come later, I can share some information with you that I learned from Aaron Paul and Scott Waugh. Oh yes. Just the two of them in a small room with 7 of us there to interview them. It was an “intimate” interview as Aaron Paul said and we had a blast with these guys! They were both incredibly friendly and really made the conversation fun.

Scott Me Aaron

Scott Waugh walked in filming all of us with his Go Pro and stated that he was doing some behind-the-scenes shooting during the media tour. He was doing the same the night before at the screening and you could tell his job as a director is probably never done. I heard him talk in Detroit, as well as in Dallas last week, about the great movies from the past that featured classic muscle cars. He mentioned how he wanted to bring those movies, such as Bullet, back to the forefront.

Scott Waugh and Aaron Paul

He grew up watching the movies and his father was a stuntman in several of them. Growing up he spent time on the sets and enjoyed watching the guys perform amazing stunts in these cars. Scott wanted to do a “throwback” to those guys and the action they had shown him in his youth. Plus, being an ex-stuntman, he wanted to show the realism and have live stunts. No CG. In fact, each stunt in the movie was performed by stuntmen and there were no computer graphics used to perform them. I kinda love this!

Aaron Paul

As for Aaron Paul, the fast cars even helped draw him to the script. He was impressed with the story line behind the races and was completely on board with Scott’s decision to leave out the CG. Well, he thought Scott was pretty brave. Of course, since Aaron was going to be doing the driving, he had to pull from his own bravery as well. Learning to drive the cars was an honor for him as he prepared for the movie.

Need For Speed Mustang

Aaron Paul was actually first suggested for the role of Dino Brewster. Scott saw Aaron’s film and thought he was perfect for the part of Tobey Marshall, but was talked out of it by the casting department. But, after Steven Spielberg got a hold of Aaron’s audition, he suggested that Aaron Paul play Tobey Marshall and Scott was in complete agreement. 24 hours later Scott had a call in to Aaron and he was cast for the film.

Aaron Paul

Of course, Aaron had to make a transition from being a “bad guy” to a character that was a complete polar opposite for him. Scott Waugh said that casting Aaron assured others in Hollywood that this was going to be a different movie. Aaron himself wasn’t sure why they picked him for the role but is grateful to have been chosen.

Need for Speed Aaron Paul

Need for Speed was a compromise of three large corporations. EA, DreamWorks, and the Ford Motor Company all worked with Scott and his crew on the production of the film. Scott admitted that he had no resistance from each of the companies and they gave him creative license to direct his movie. As a car enthusiast, he wanted to be honest with the car culture world and simply wanted to tell it from his point of view.

Need for Speed cars

One of my favorite aspects of the film is that you will not find any sex scenes and pretty minimal cussing throughout the film. Now, you will see one bare bottom, but both Scott and Aaron declared that “we all have one” and kids have seen one before. But, I was impressed by this and adored the fact that Scott Waugh made the conscious effort to leave it out. He wanted a family movie that he could take his own kids to see. Both he and Aaron said the movie “didn’t need it” and they are correct! The messages were portrayed loud and clear and it did not take strong language to get that point across!

Gran Torino

As Scott Waugh pointed out, the car culture was nicely represented in Need for Speed. We asked Aaron Paul which of the cars in the film was his favorite and both he and Scott agreed that the Gran Torino seen in the opening scenes of the movie was their favorite. The hum of the motor and sleek design of the car has always been one of my favorites as well. I had to ask Aaron if he favored the classic stick shift in cars or pedal shifters. Although he said both were fairly easy to handle when driving, he does prefer the stick shift. Personally, I would have to agree.

Marshall's Motors' Crew

One final note that both of the guys talked about was the comradery between the guys in the movie. Scott says they have been named the “Marshall’s Motors’ Crew” since they are always together. I can only imagine how amazingly awesome they would be to hang out with! Take a look at the special behind-the-scenes video of “The Guys:”

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